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EMAIL IS THE BIGGEST THREAT TO BUSINESS, SOWHY IS EVERYONE USING IT? FROM THE DESK OF Terri Today, email is the main communication tool for many businesses. It’s fast, cheap, and can save time by conveying one message to multiple people. The convenience of sending, receiving, and responding almost anywhere is invaluable in our world of instant gratification. In cybersecurity, though, email is a weak link and can be an organization’s main security target. Think of the vast amount of information transmitted daily: personal correspondence, tax documents, travel plans, financial transactions, and photos. Instances of spam, phishing, and malware have skyrocketed in recent years, and hackers are always searching for logins and passwords. What can you do? Utilize NowX’s proprietary tools to provide a layer of security. We work with you to educate employees, and we are here to remediate attacks. On the unlikely chance you haven’t yet armed yourself with our defense system, don’t wait!

The first great American road trip took place in 1903. It was accomplished by automobile enthusiast Horatio Nelson Jackson and former bicycle racer and gasoline engine mechanic Sewall Crocker. They started their trip in San Francisco and intended to finish in New York City; it was a 4,500-mile journey they bet $50 could be accomplished in under 90 days. THE FIRST AUTOMOBILE ROADTRIP A n A dventure F rom S an F rancisco to N ew Y ork `

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Four days prior to the start of his journey on May 23, Jackson found himself in the middle of an argument in San Francisco’s University Club. The debate was over whether the new automobiles that were steadily appearing in the city were better or worse than horse-drawn carriages. Many of the people involved spoke against the automobile for its unreliability, but Jackson disagreed. Thus the $50 wager was made. Despite the failure of all previous cross- country automobile trips, Jackson was determined to make a successful journey.

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With 22-year-old Crocker at his side, Jackson purchased a used 20-horsepower Winton touring car, which he named Vermont in tribute to his home state, for their epic journey.

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