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TheMysterious Masked Singer ! Who Was He? I

CyURELY that glorious, golden voice must / j mean long years of training under some foreign master. And who would have dreamed that The Man Behind The Mask was one of their own crowd and one who six months before could scarcely sing a note! How did he do it? How could he possibly, in so short a time, have developed his voice to the point where he could actually sing, masked, for his closest friends and score a magnificent tri- umoh? There is only one answer! By means of Physical Voice Culture. I Guarantee to Improve Your Voice 100 % Your vocal chords are the same in construc­ tion as those of Caruso, Mary Garden or Galli Curci. But YOURS are under-developed. Your Hyo-Glossus throat muscle in particular, has probably never been used. No amount of scale singing will everdevelop this muscle. But scientific muscular exercise will. And only PhysicalVoiceCulture—the amazingdiscovery of Prof. Eugene Feuchtinger can showyouhow. Now you can build a strong, magnetic, com­ pelling voice that will be the marvel of your friends and open the door to Success and Fame. You can overcome the handicap of a squeaky, twangy, dull voice—you can realize your secret ambition and have a rich, resonant speaking and singing voice. I ■ RBBHBM ’ ChlC^SO I r ^ .......................... o Sfieaii„s I Address --- ----------- S * C ity Send for Free Book Today /

Prof.Feuchtingerabsolutelyguarantees at least a 100 % improvement or every cent of tuition will be cheerfully and promptly refunded! Scientific Methods! Eugene Feuchtinger does not devote his efforts merely to teaching you to sing. He actually develops the voice! Not by singing monotonous and tiresome scales that weaken and destroy your latent vocal powers. Rather by teaching you to build up the strength and elasticity of your vocal organ through scientific muscular exercises. These exercises are silent. You may practice them in the privacy of your own room. With surprising rapidity, you will notice that your voice is becoming stronger, richer, more beautiful every day. Yes, tens of thousands of men and women have seen their Voice Dreams come true this easy, certain and quick way. Yours can, too. Mail This Coupon! FREE—Physical Voice Culture Book Your voice has marvelous possibilities that you may not even suspect. “Physical Voice Culture” will reveal them to you. Send at once for this valuable, beautifully illus­ trated book. Read the astounding true stories of what others have done. Learn how to build up a strong, mag­ netic voice, and all about Prof. Feuchtinger’s wonderful guarantee offer. Write Today! The Book is FREE! PerfectVoicelnstitutesta^Scuc^

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