Dialogue - Summer 2018

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Dialogue A Publication of the Ontario Electrical League Issue 40-2 • Summer 2018 Would You Fudge the Numbers to Get that Mortgage?


be susceptible to unethical professionals during the homebuying process. Since 2013, mortgage fraud in Canada has risen 52 per cent (*Equifax, 2017). Mortgage fraud has many different faces, but generally it occurs when someone such as a homebuyer, mortgage broker, real estate agent or lawyer, misrepresents, intentionally withholds facts, lies or exaggerates information to obtain a mortgage that would not have been granted if information had been accurate. Temporary or part-time employees, independent contractors, business-for- self and self-employed workers are possibly at an increased risk of mortgage fraud. It is often more difficult for these workers to prove their income, employment status and employment length, as they may not have access to the traditional proof of income equipment will fail, knowing it like a circuit breaker that won’t open. And certainly, if cable, switchgear or transformer insulation fails, there will be a disturbance on the system and the protection will take it out quickly – hopefully if the protection is functioning. A few years back, the National Electrical Testing Association (NETA) conducted random performance testing on circuit breakers. Based on the results of the survey, approximately 23% of the circuit breakers tested had an issue affecting the protective device operation or their designed characteristics. 10.5% of the circuit breakers did not operate at all. Proper operation of electrical power distribution equipment is paramount in Continued on page 4 4

Editorial Focus: BUSINESS 1 Independent Contractors at Risk of Mortgage Fraud

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Submitted by: Financial Services Commission of Ontario B uying a home isn’t easy, and with increasing interest rates, new lender rules and a tougher mortgage ‘stress test’ in place, the desire to own a home is driving some buyers to commit mortgage fraud or to

Health, Fitness and Circuit Breakers

By: Len Cicero B ased on the title above, one may ask, “What does health and fitness have to do with circuit breakers?” Well, let’s start

with regular exercise. How often are they getting it? What about a workout (inspection)? Even a checkup? If equipment is ignored, and there are no shutdowns for maintenance inspection or line testing done, what is the likelihood that the equipment will fail? Note that some of the TO ENSURE DELIVERY, MAINTAIN MEMBERSHIP! PUBLICATIONS MAILAGREEMENT No. 40032872

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