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February 2020

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We All Fall At Least Once It’s Getting Back Up That Makes a Difference

At some point in our lives, we all feel as if we’ve hit a rough patch. Everyone’s rough patches are different, but what defines our character is how we respond to this adversity. No matter the circumstance, it can be hard to get back on our feet after a failure, but it’s important to try. I’ve been running my own businesses since I was 14 years old, and I can tell you from experience that I’ve had many failures along the road. But I always adhere to the old saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” Getting back up to move forward in life is how we progress and learn from our mistakes. Anyone who claims they haven’t had many failures in their life isn’t telling the whole truth. Growing wiser to make better choices is part of life. Getting up again after a failure or a loss can be inspirational to you and those around you. By continuing to work hard toward your goals, others around you will be lifted up with you as well. Feb. 1 is National Get Up Day, founded in 2017. While national and international hockey players created this holiday, the idea behind it goes much further than the sport. National Get Up Day was made to encourage people across the nation to share their experiences with those around them about moments where they had fallen but didn’t give up. The day helps connect people in similar situations and inspires them to keep moving forward. This can be hard to do. Taking a bad situation and working with the positives takes time and effort. However, while failure is often seen as something negative, looking at it from

new diet, and feel old habits coming back with a vengeance. National Get Up Day not only gives us a chance to reflect on past personal growth but also encourages us to get up and get moving with our 2020 goals. Take this time to think about what helps you stay motivated in the goals you’ve set throughout your life, no matter what they might have been. Like hockey players, we all fall many times, but just like the professionals, we must get back up and keep going. Use these past accomplishments to your advantage and work every day toward your goals in 2020. A little at a time will go a long way if you keep at it!

a different perspective can change it into something positive. Now is a perfect time to try.

Around this time of year, many New Year’s resolutions and goals people set for themselves are starting to fade. Everyone starts the beginning of the year feeling motivated, but within the first couple of months, many of those new goals start to fall short. You might ignore that new gym membership, start fading in your

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