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A Love Story What Matters Most How I Met My Wife, Jenny (Pt. 1)

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T he year before Jenny and I met, we both experienced breakups. While it was a good thing our previous relationships ended when they did, the process was taxing, and we both individually swore off relationships for quite a while. Jenny was practicing in Charleston when a mutual friend of ours approached her about setting her up with someone. Although Jenny told her that she wasn’t ready to enter a new relationship, our friend brought it up nearly every time she saw her. Unbeknownst to Jenny, the mutual friend was also talking to me about a woman she wanted me to meet. When our friend first approached me, I told her that I was focusing on my practice and getting my life back together, and I didn’t have time for a relationship. I’d laugh it off when she broached the subject, but she was quite persistent, and I eventually caved under her pressure … and my natural curiosity. Finally, she told me all about Jenny. It turns out that Jenny knew who I was before she and I ever met; she just never knew I was “the guy” our friend wanted her to meet. When Jenny was in law school, she often read my blog as a resource for learning about the practice of family law. She was focused on starting her own family law practice and was apparently fond of my work. Even though we’d attended the same conferences in the past, we had never been introduced. However, once I learned who she

was, I did my own research and discovered that we were both going to be speaking at an upcoming conference, so I reached out to her and asked her to go to lunch with me that day. The day of the CLE finally arrived. After listening to Jenny’s presentation that morning, I was certain that I wanted to get to know her better. My original idea was to go to lunch to discuss an innovative family court program she was helping spearhead down in Charleston. During the lunch break, we walked to a nearby restaurant. Jenny was clearly nervous, and she tried to get me to review the materials about the court program that she’d brought to share with me. However, I kept finding a way to keep the conversation about topics that were more personal than professional in nature.

I told Jenny about my breakup, and she told me about hers. Eventually, I made a comment in passing about a friend of mine who wanted to set me up with a mutual attorney friend, hoping that Jenny might catch on that I was the guy our friend had been talking to her about. As with most worthwhile things, it wasn’t that easy. Jenny didn’t catch on to my hints, but our conversation continued to flow naturally throughout lunch. In fact, we got along so well that our lunch ended up running longer than we had planned, causing us to rush back to the conference. In our haste leaving the restaurant, I even left my credit card there — but more on that next time. Stay tuned next month to find out what happened when Jenny and I returned to the conference. In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

Ben Stevens

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