Former Okamayor runs for Tories inArgenteuil-Papineau-Mirabel

You never know...

Although Yvan Patry does not want to

the Bloc québécois has proven itself to be


Conceding that unseating Laframboise

attack directly his Bloc opponent,MPMario

nothingmore than a political machine that

will be a challenge, Patry cites the 1984


feedsoff discordandstormydebates,which

defeat of former Cabinet minister Francis

discussing the presence of the BQ on

most of the time, it instigates. It makes me

Former Oka mayor Yvan Patry wants

Fox by Conservative Monique Landry.

Parliament Hill.

think of an athletewho is in the stands and

to run a ground-level campaign as the

“Anything is possible.”

“After 20 years of constant opposition,

never plays,” says Patry.

Conservative hopeful in Argenteuil-

Papineau-Mirabel in the May 2 election.


Candidates’ signs targeted by vandals

observes: “My campaign will be simple

and on the ground. I will not have a large

team around me and I want to meet the


signs be respected. People know that I am a

Julie Bourgeois suspects that there is

people. I ama guy of the people and I want

- Conservative, Liberal, NDP and Green

man of integrity and I do not hesitate to


to put my experience to their service. This

parties - have generously given of their

condemn these irresponsible activities that

campaign signs.


time and energy and they have worked

have takenplace. Damaging elections signs is


my other campaigns, the opponents do

very hard to install signs in our

against the law and I fully support the police


what they wish and I am not there to fight


looking into this matter.”

her posters have been the targets of

with them.”


Former warden of the MRC de Deux

Stephen Matthews

300 in Russell Township have been

Montagnes and former president of the


CLD, Patry recalls that economic


diversification is essential for economic


417 exit. Others have been vandalized on

represents Greens


He lauds investments by the Harper

in Hawkesbury, Rockland, Limoges and

government in the aeronautical industry




been destroyed and must be replaced.

repair damage done by the Liberals since

At the same time, MP Pierre Lemieux

charter flight service was ended at the

says his signs have also been targeted.

airport in 2004.

Stephen Matthews, a former municipal councillor from Saint-André-d’Argenteuil,

Patry says he wants to give citizens of

Earlier this week, Bourgeois stated:

represents the Green Party in Argenteuil-Papineau-Mirabel in the May 2 federal

the riding a voice to the citizens of the

“We suspect a political tactic since no




A teacher in Lachute, Matthews is new to the Green Party, but not to politics, since he

Bloc québécois since the 1990s.

Conservative candidate Pierre Lemieux

was a member of the village council in Saint-André-d’Argenteuil from 1994 to 1998. He

In 1993, the Conservatives lost in

had stated earlier that he wished for an

Argenteuil-Papineau, BQ candidate


surprised many when he was elected as an independent candidate in that campaign.

Maurice Dumas was elected with more

that he will ask his followers to refrain

During the federal campaign, “My plan is tomeet a many people as possible. the more

than 47 per cent of ballots cast.


of possible world, it asserts. The difference is in the way to present things. I think that

Patry says he gives electors a chance to

posters until the end of the campaign.”

people are pretty sick of voting. Quite obviously, there is a problem. There are countries

elect a member “who will be on the good

Pierre Lemieux issued the following

where people are fighting for the right to vote... “

side of the chamber. It has to change. In the

statement: “I amextremely disappointed

House of Commons, the goal is to debate,


A hobby farmer, the father of two is concerned about the environment.

not to oppose everything.”


The Greens will not have a campaign office nor will they put up election signs in

In the 2008 elections, the Conservatives

election. Election signs are important

Argenteuil-Papineau-Mirabel. “People should know that our taxes pay for the campaign

got 17.38 per cent of the votes, finishing

because they remind voters of their

signs we see,” he comments.

third behind the Bloc and the Liberals.

options as they head to the polls. Teams

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