The Record SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper

Volume 43

September 1951- May 1952

All images for The Record, SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper have been captured from archival microfilm located in the E. H. Butler Library, Archives & Special Collections. As such, variations in individual numbering, coloring, resolution, image size, and searchability is dependent on the quality of the original microfilm capturing. Please contact the Archives & Special Collections Department if there is a particular image or article you would like re-captured at a higher resolution or quality.

Registrar tells Ralph Hol'n, former dean, o f procediir � s is State's acting president f?:.:}�!�!�!.���.�!:� i n � ;�i= e �: 0 ;:;:�r�: �::: ;��; i :�::�����t op1»i n lt.i oc:-.

: 1 :." 4Ut·��� : 1 Now Y·\::::..�;::�\:;t:·;::� ;;,B�;�: · z��I]{;�,t7§'.�i5;;:i§ : u l Dr. Rice of Oswego appointed �r��i2.:�:��:�� IMlr to J1CW presidential post here s;��'.m.Pre;n• 1>

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Co�vocationto np('nln,; "'"'"O' ,.,.. ..,'!�\�; .:�,.,::;: ocqualnt t ,; ""6<�" ;: ·l\ h O he r- Tn,y w"II Ol1<:e or ,tudont opl"lon I"


11 •\Uratlon !•_u,.. ·UI ta�e fon,<. !o,mlng u1 Into h°' eon• ,-101 ;.,h,."w. . ::::: r �-:·:· ;::..::·::· ·�· ;:::;; ';::::::'�.;� ..;:: :.:;.: !-'.,������ .. �Ill ...,T

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WednHdey. Seplambu 12. 1'151

Wedne,ci�v.September 12, 1951



E,litorinl RECORD policy ;:-.,,.- .1 , th< ..inort :!.,�"'1:�:: =�l;::":�1:!:;; lmr,,:,,,•nt !i>iluden'" of Stat". Tho "P''· n.e-ofthe,,...·sem·or,,,.,..m t:>l'b..,..dtoc-.rry""t lh"""funo1ions in!ormation.<>Plnlon.andpleuun,.;\ ,-,,�tyol•ubj<,:ts,.·l(!b11 co1 Studenl C,,.�ncil and by aLnn� prob�< that •it face..the Rlc.'CORO .. -m continue "''up[>Ortotudl,ntl1""f•"'""'"' · l"leeau..,Sta1e!• • pror..,ional >ehoolfo,the educ-.tlon of tHchers. lhi1p11�r .. ·ltl,mainlaln l!11>Wipo,u!billty cornna·Uh 0 a prof.,.. ,ion>l undo,rtoklng. and the RECORD lsa prolossl orutlw,dert•kil\&.for the "-mi<<>! joum>Usm i,predorninantly ��:����':!iJ:' o��r:...t�'::. � Judimont.The m•k•rs ol RECORD policyoH thioresponolbllllyln terms. ::..i t �:.:.. uallll..,, aecur�c ) ".•�•I. be1!'�a�lu �,:;:}1s policymust

s�-�:: g ,�-'�!� i �! t }!.� "h/ch ""' ••�•ri>· a,lupted b)" •tu• 1 �!' ,...' ";,,.uti;�;:•:�• ln�� 1 f,";'! t: '"' ---• ::·i:·:i�.:��;�"":;'�,:::�:- d i .<,monlJ the acli•ities wh;ch Mt. w·n,eno plannno: mo•i•o twice • wuk. p..,.10nt«1wilh tho coop,oration of \he vlJ•al-aid de· partmont:twoC•p;,,1.<,iriinesto•rs: trips !o,le>ding indu>trial eorpora- " -.. � . ;: . !°:�··.. t td o•u WIEN On,, of1h� m<»t enjo).....t >clh"itles "'"' the nnnual , u mmcr-,eulon 1>lt• r.k.trulerthcoh•imiar.,hii,olWil"'-'" · Gr•��- The oH�anrn M 732 ponplc :�n "':.;,'.rat olothor)'Oarsbyrn<>rn ,..;.•�::.��o,:'!�:i': a�::::/��:� ��;�: d w " J,,. ��:-'�� R•pp and Knh- ,\lthou,h Mr.\\"1noono""jo)"«I h!• �;�\ 1 :' .:.: 1 i�:'::�;e h�· , h::::� '" >1"ork ,.-llh "" hath<, c'tljo)" ' mMt. r:,uslc,T)" picall)· bu,y.hcprt,1»�. a, non u•umme,,chootended.lo, hi, 3PJ>O�ranoo a, �uest conductor w!th the Buffalo Phllh.,monlo or­ che,;i,a. at !he !ll\31 tummer Pop ""'+':0:. 1 !:!,t::.!':!d " ;: 1 ��;,.mo, fun pl�nntdb7 Joe Wi-,,c found thty Khool�·� ·ng • ncat"on · n spit of :��t=�� bro,dou 1� 1 �: n " :�::r:��:s:,:r:;

from Ed H nn t's yaried experiences ••£ �roup an1 ln1!i,·idual ln the and Ed ...�1 that h<, h>d boon 1>rac-






s e �: · ;�lo�:.,�':...,S,:,�/ufc�\1; M>Clety. Sh•ffleboaNI play<..._ who pn,HnUd •h hit '"Wh•• o· Ya W•••'- that a •pe,:lllc objeclh·e during hi• tennofofllce,.·illbe1ofacilltate \he do,er working "'ladoo,hlp beou·.,.,n facu!!y and 1tudent5. preoident of thctiu ;�:A�:�:�� l :lt:�i".,�'��- ton,,!romuelirtmentandd•" of u,,. rol1e�e ��� t.

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c;.....,. UOl«e. near hi• On-l<>n! rark home.Al>a•ketba. 11""1,il,n,,arb;-. Dixie playboys write lo Union fric13ds �::1:Zif�;Et::�:�:;�.�t:'. '¥:·:;1�}��]l�-�1�� ! �;.1�'.�{� tor bo\<·a... in"""'' t<> group, of all ,,.., take


plact' w, ,,,, now p,opa,-;ng tolnvefot Mi,mi. Palm Buch. •nd Key Weot w.Up

ll"o.)!al \"itriol.of lho.,.,lkge li­ br>l")' •taff.Pote Piuo.Xorm Weld· ner. and"E:ar1 Sklnglo)" . ln1·ac!ed o.-:,nseland fo.-a ,,. . .,,..,.,k ,ojoum. from Augus1 2� to Se!>••"'""' 10. :>lal scaepro,·ldedth• tr:,nsporta· :�!t u ,�!";�·.:� g �-��·: .�rr:; smolll1·orld aher lH•·lng Buffalo suc:h • •hort tlme bnsuch perl«t"" <'ather: ne•�r hadu·e.....,1he1un shlne sondi­ antly. Wo all romfflfflted ln unll<>n. "'Buff•lo was ne•�r like thl•." " Tho fi,ot mail\ o t op in Florida w>I St.Po\orS�Uf9, tht frieodl7 oun,�ine eity.Bathing in the.,.,..., w•t<,sof theGulf andbuking on the whito und, ofS t .Po\o.,.but9,wo soonao­ quit•d playboybns. Dn our slght·oHlnt tou,s. ,. .• found among""' most fuclnot!ftg llrsts. ,uoh dell,htful thlo�, .. ,log p,lm, rocor.ut.aorl banan/troe,.

Parking notice An.,..parkln••ot.e""""'-"I m.the :ZOO.Car a•e• ,hou\�be oompletod byS.ptembe' , ll . 0 !'.41ph t ,.,,�In� 1"< II op







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Notices ll'hich Music during 1he pasl summer 1 are of interest was lhe peal of wedding hells

Edward H. Butler library

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pt•o,bo, 19. 1951

l Jinx burning, court, dance M,my a�ti,vities St�de� _ t � ouncil ': ill hold 4! Tl\i1 "'"'" I• r... '""boo.Cito( IM ............... lo'; ...,.. State stu.denls •PPo;�:.:�,-:::i;...�:;.::�;�y� ..':"�:":.:: f . Th< okMim<..........,. lhal, ,,,. ,.,., !nformo


New coach, hope for frosh lln>•cnlnf; Ito,..._ «><>I<< .......... and -·to->Mch J,,. ,\...,._ah:" hi> •"o

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'record Alohacmt�pers in cahin ... 'PoOpdecf

' Wednesd•y,September2b, 1951 N a utic a l women st a y dry a t se a " \\' h ere a n, 1 h c 11\:hls!" sc eome h a d l os t their w ay . Sk ip pe rMi d !:"e E:y rln i;- . wh o h a, �H e n d ed � · ros h c amp l ou r year .. ord o"" I su nn) " w ea t h er . Sh e fe l t ,he s h o u l d h a , · e o ne dr y1, , eek . e nd ou 1 -0 r T h� w e a t h e r m a n c oo pe r ated . an d T he e sc a p a �e w � s a h u ge SU«'eU ;;��� T�: i �:: / a : 0 ��� a�j ,.. :� t li e l; SS St o waw ay , bo u nd fo r on e o f it s ...i ll i o . l 1 >o r[>, g ood o ! d C om 1 1 l -' o rt :\cr c w 1 T ;�b;:�, . ;�;:t-�:��,;I ,if,�; ch e , wab� i"' hu n � t h ei r h amm u < k s , c l ,o w was ,e n · <.'< ! a t 1 �00 o ' c l oc k . T h e si n g ; n g odm i ra l .Ma..,i n R o p p, • � -•ll< ng e d Arthu r G o df r< y on t h e ��� n ·��� < ;: e ,�� o � t 0 h m ;;;'. d ��: n ;"�'. Th e Blltmor� pCllm b i n g c a u s ed •t e r n , 111 0 0 w h e n it , � n oo t o " " Ork T � � co u n ,� lo ')'· , k i t " ·a s s po n l ane · o u , .t o s a y1 h e l ea , t , a n dwod d h a, · e f; t pe rf ec ll y i n t o a n y /l e x ! b !" J e,so n o u mand in g 1 "'1 tu ""' o f ca m p .h: a t h y Mal"I\"llon.with t"" rs ! n he l" e ;,: s, rea � a l e tt er t o th e l resh m en ,t e lll n g them w h a t t h e i d e al S l a te g lr! l, l i k " . The U SS S t owo" · ay s et sail fo r h o m e at 1300 o'c l ock Sunday. 'C a esa r a n dCIO e t or., H a.ero w d o ta l k l ng toC.e,a r, C a es ar t a lkl n � t o \h e S phi nx , a n d t h o o u d l · en� t al k l n g t o ; t .w l f . W! nds up wlth �:�.�:��s�.:�::rJJf= • qu a re o per ah o u se .n.i , o n e l s per-- �:::r �� :�: n P,�:° a ��� n ! :�: cop, l!'the back,



Wednesday.September 26, 1951

Pag,,Two / �len find c a inp witho u t reveille W a rm 'l -n t h e r an d a full • . f wl m oon c-om bizlod t o c r-. a te lbe m os t pt, l ee t M en's froslHam p ,w,ekend !n ma n y j��.::-,..� m :.��:":� d ��;�;· : a n d uppen: la .. men engage<; i n a m);;;':!t:, "�!;t ! ��ter m t h e Men·s Campus dub p rod u c t i o n a h i ghl�'SU""""5fu.lewnt , "i t h a s oci al ���i..". 1 .���: t \�! 1 . " :i: 1 �� · le g e m�ne,a s, o fSeaUle. O u to b n d i ng • · m u hn g t h e ent e e ,..,...,L OO '°"""' rl><> � �"Ork<' r \ heLae lc.owann o. �ame , ! o t he t u ne o f"' P iea se Oon" t R Q II Th o,,e Bl oods h o t Ey e. a tM e. - Bob W cl>, t e r w u """'Tied MR I M.,., Rugg ed In d h-id uol ) fo r h i • c ma rk a bl o e ndu � � n "" agoizlst O S<" ar F ebe n i n a q u i et i;a me o f "B u H o n , . B ul t o n "• \\" h o " • G n ! A t a n ew,re p !"U<'n t od w i t h f e npoe f S on g . . S u nd a} " a lt e m oon " " " ' t h e u nder lr o m C am J> , P i on e<'r [ a n d J oc lt.l �) ; t h e uppe d a .. men cou l dn ' t ,ee an y thln g Et · e ry o ne ,h ed a few t ea rs of " "' ' '" """' " ' " whenthe y boa rued t h e b u .., ,. "'P'ri� lly the b us dl"h , :rs . ni o . co n· lu l at t h e t h Ql gh to l re t u rnlng\ o l he :�:'.':;': ��;; ng ,r;;;·���- frosh l n t io Pa.I w ; c

Soccer, x-country sq uads

Cheerleader� f' SPORT SHOR� 1 :i�:=!:!.£� � IT05n

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C :unpers l o a bo 1 · e pi c tu r e a r e, bo l\ om . , \ . F as> . J . G la ss , M . G o 1t c . B m ck . P . S a n , o n.. T o p ,• · . ll e r,.e r. J . Hau..,,. J, !l am . J . \\' a cerst r a t.

from where i sit

T h C asin o , d w r � , girl, ' "" ' ,.. , . fo e, t ail . T h e y a l , o h•w sh : J ,.. e , ap ' ece . l a t hl, . �d .� . � · a : , ' o f \\a �:�i}d�; t o Ch i n a , H o w e ,-cr, )' o u will e n j o y t h e i r f l neCh l n e, e e u ; s i n o . p re p an, 1!. Hels :wf:'!n� 0 �n! " Tu 8 ��/':0�.:•,i��: ·:i{i�;o; t �a�: r G:�:?et�� thri,.��; losti n th e B a ,..," .,quol t o Lo,t W e ek,nd," wi\h Ra7 Mman d Joi n i n g a lrat e mily . H i g h pointof t l tiopt a y l1t h eend in9. < B ,cv.n

, \ f e w s o p h o m o res a c c,, p t t h ei r ro l .,. a s t o rm e n, o rs. T h e I. t oo . ore exhi b it ion i sts . wh o wek o m e F ro, h D aze as ah e yd a ;·f o r t h el ropp ..,. , i , · e , o ph o m o re,; t hat t h e y are su ro M o r h e l n �,. wor k, ,.. e nt h u o ia1ticallyp l anway, o f h e lpi n g fre, h m,n to m a k e p•l nle 11 . :�,:�� "' � " �' o\: Ci< � lo :; 1 1 �: e · ,; u h a � 1"117 o ve,burd e " th e b• • 1 fn,ohmen. J u Sl a s the n co m ers are l oam . in1:1he !r c la os schedu l es a nd t h e !r .. - ay aro u " d t h e ca mpu.,, t hey are g l vi:_n a li ., of t hi " g• t o u -n r and •c ;:i� a � 0 /h::•=,�:; · fres hmen •re\ ! u '!� � lo f ha.ti n g ls no t a n e xagg e r- Mu1 t a fmllman pro• e lh•l h < i o �d���t h !�i l �:� i �� i ; g F-:.:� e .::: "" d oopllomorn o an b e oom•.••· qU•inte w ; rho ut th� arlific;,1 1it••· F ros h D aze . w h en e,. · al u a t od ,ap. Tu ·o Jun fo....


Wedne,d•y,Seplember21>, 1951



f � vorite .flower Organizations lfil!J!�i;E���,i �� !",...;'- ,,. , 1::1�::'.i�n !� r,.;;::;r II,.�':� "'::r,':';';.� '; ::,• t ..:.,";.t!'.; l •;;•-:t:,: .. o;;�=-� ;·:�:"'-\:'{'.':;:;','.;.,t•�;,IL ��!�\:�'."'�� Wini/.-..! Eotln and R°"'n n.u. K1ppa o.a. Pl &1>d Is 11>< Sot1<)' and 11 ..nont OO

::�;"" , '"' ,oo ,_,.,.. or� ,..rn h �,··•::,u..,mtt; Wl'dne>g,�orgonlu• :���:: ..'·�:���;:�: 1 :,' :�: .,. rlt>t .,.,....., """''"� of th,; ' c al l'I """''h C e,e�atlOn.&I :.i::?�£�i�, �:��ii! w. !..,..,. . from th� Holy Trinity · �;·:ir,. '. ,�1�::-�-'��:�1I�: �,U""' ,.1�:::·· ,..,u be • T""lno..n>1ionolRb<• .. '" ......, •�'"'" ll at• io. "'· ltdr<>hm '""'""" !hi, , .•., 1, 1b< "'"' 1:.,,ondl1inEILe Ll1 ����:��!;; s�:�·=��::i;��,:-�:. ,�c

No tricks! No gimmicks! Takes no time-no speciol talent! YoU can moke $25. Just write a simple four-line iingle bosed on the fa(I that LUCKIES TASTE BETTER THAN ANY OTHER CIGARETTE! _____ (01otl,erqu


H&OTMIHU..•LIINITUtuo... �-..�:2v�-: ... -.�. ---.: �..� ..:·.:-:� �> � �����;;;�;�� t�r:¥�7:..... "' L'.S./M.F.T.-l.uckyStrike Means Fine Tobacco

' Wednuday,Octoberl,1951 . September's end D1b0Dlane Xow.\\·Ith ,ummor·•ertd, 1hew!,. hush<>tlalrislcrtilewlth theJOn"t :sol m!�ranl 'I'"'"'"""· i!Odlnc•. '" '"11· �,...,. s.,.pia oul·>hade, the ,ummer"s emor•ld,; fail·faUmmt< thecalcndar procuretheooo.ltoJOMr ::�;�;����!:' / "'.. ° " dktatfl y<>uth Then, ioapacllyinglullthatcoo,.. with Stpt,mber"oend. a golden hu ,h th•lbre•lhHillwarmth uponth• ambmorc.all k n""'• l n l:" ln hi, p:,tt•m.Joolt• to .... ·aro to chre"' ye•,.. ol COle�i n g gro••:th.wh<,n,,. ·ilhalthe termination :�� �; • '"lucationwill •�)' that he"• f.:ach junior, moro 0<>be, In ••· Dcitty, gay•• ,till in fun,•••• \wo yu�ofschoolto h•p him from his hfe·longwo,k.when hewill mokohio namothenam• "neduc•t"on And ,milingquielly at all lhe re,t, lhesen!or lctthl,eurlosll)'dk:rnte the cndtowhic:h heOlri,·...reali•lng thatooemore;ar·,ju,t onel•H' n yCKJth;hls cducat!o,:c"sju,t begon, Sororit y -minded:? byl. J,Erlo k so n o A"' you,lty•mindc,d? !f you are.hen,atta lewprrtiner11:1nlzatlo n ha.•otht rlll:ht to oet one lndlv!dual aboveand ap.'.lrt[roman o \her? lf all men""' cttat




record Letter criticizing Frosh Dazing thought unfair by soph president To \heRECORD: elanmen. Maybethey'll 1nm • g, ..t The artlo!cwhloh appeared in tho manything> about,not onlytheeol• RECORD aboutSoph·•'roo.h Duln.i: leg,. but al.. abou t their fello"'' .,..,..c,,rtllnl)· -..·riuen by t-..·o P'<)llle ,cudent.. -.•ho don't �n.,...· a single \hint about Last year, when I .,...,,,, through that c,,rta!n roll"&'• acti,;ti·. dazin�. I didn't feel 10,rlbly noticed The truc, purpaoe ofSoph·Frosll and •ho")".The thln.i:o tha1{1"N1lffll· '. �: n !.��� o zt,����"\i!. ne ..:,�..:: ��-·:,:,� :;! n t. ha��n: 1 :.:. u ��:·u clan.Thl• b a«om.pllsh<,d thn>Jjh ha,·e ,·ery pleasant memorlfl a!oo. :� ..�j ::::::., 1es ;,.: h ;;:;:;: �.�"i' 1 � a !:"?:�t:i�:1 :�;t c �; r;"f;::'�';:,,;".;��:.;;t appro x imate, t!� !:� h �:.�:r: to ..., i i � ro,h lt"aapn,uy ..d ei,.,,u mohnoo,.h•n The only dooontthing that � they ;�f :::i�::::"��i l ;?. t :;�� ?.·":�:· a !:: a �J��:�:�£i::·;!_;�� workthotthe oophomomhave Dun Then,m•ybe,i twou ldn'tha.ea hrttd do>nglor averylongtim<.. allihelrou bleitd;d I bell..,.·e U,,,t thej\"'ue i n a M""l of th<, oomme n u , hat came Po>iti o n1ok n ow1hcamountof1<·or� lrom th<, ln,,hmffl praioed this old lh>ll"""inlutiw,m1�l n g o l1uch a n tr>dition.The ,oph o motfl and f=h· aoti\ity. 1311t..,.1<1<, n tly thcy1n,not! m< , o n a , . e ;:":1/ ' ,:"t:!� =��':!.�:� :��: 1 � II iotniethatthe e<>ntest ma�es "" Talk l , ' ct,Hp.M Ho"·e,·er,l ttalize ;.';. e .::·:�:,'�; d ..!"..i;�•J:::•'i•.: ht �';!; :,';,�� 1 .:·eryo n e 1{ e n tl,tlttl to hi, o"·n day• w• want th• frnhmen to be II. Au,prioen fortunate IO �aln tho a

Wofuen's camp memories linger W•""""bwNooe1h-do.ys. E-,-.,r1,onc lau.i:hedat theKramble fOrlost lug. gav,ptol)le.and o urclrl1uld...who ,. ..,,...t o lud thc ..·ay to uolcned unlUln thc doep,da!1<""DOllll· � n t�:�,� lteda _., about S.. 1urdayc,�n;:-,Venll" cl]'lurtne r�1hat uch . 11:roup had fi,.., mloutfl tn pr o paro a •klt, nu,uahtl flcy.· faot and lurlou•li·. S>ral1Brirwnald"• portrayal o f&n

�;:;;:;�e:r;:e ·:�e:::: :::, ·:i::�:.�� :�: ::;"��.:·h�:� te,.; •hadbeen•,...,ided bythe a$Su r· :•: �';:,,'. 1::i;l.;:.,: •ly ...:�: m :�� descrihc our r,,m!ni.._..,,.,..,.o!bcd chttl<01one a)"ffl1-ll"hownth, heartl<'HCtt&tunew!th the bii;nuh· light· Like every other ump,"'' hod a hw whocou ldnottakethe in,; l[ ont· inaoutdoor life.f.:ight"'awolef"O"'hod drifted c,c;t ofc•mptoaoethedtykoll>nd,whilo everyooo tl.. a\\ended d·oeu,Sonm«t·ngoonc,c; tdoorodu ca· OUr camp experieoce had brouiM w n...·acqw,Jn\anc,,oa n d a, app,....,.otlOJ1o{tll;eold.The t!\1nlc . ��-£1-::.. h �·e7�1:::·.:i; tj :

•i:ra.le, inlh.,&boolofpr>ctie<'."'1d ··11,11� ·oe sen·orshoattprac· fcc,teach·ng ArH>ther...,.··romer toBuffal�and to1he homH'OO

;��:.:�0?:i�I:: department. ...!;·7o�,:�;·,���;r;. memi.. ... hne Ann Asp,ay, ne"· mfflll>c!r o f the homo-ec o nomiadop1rtme n t.loa!JO """"t o Bul!a!o. b!issAspra)·rK «on o ml"" atSyra. ""'5'", and herM.A. ln clothing and textile, at Columbia.Sho taught pn,, io11sly l n theJ)'Jbllcsc:h o ol1ol , ;,;e-..· Jemoy and atMar}'mount col· lqe in Conntctkut Fot Ille pall two YHrl, Mi.. A1pray hut>· lem, here at 1 Slato.. illhclobe<:ome ���.� o 11! ��a1:·�,�� winters Edith Batch"elder oomfl toOnt from Platt.ob\U"I" State Teaohc"' coll"&'e, whereshe wuan lnstn.ctor l n h o m• mana1emeot. · "' Mymain lntemt at the p,....nt ume:·MJ..Batcheldcr has sa!d,"l• llndinc my way arowtdtheclty,wlth thealdof am.apl.llda strcet gulde." l!l'e tl�cs Buffal o .and l� qull< lm· ptflRC!wlth lt.omany trecs and parks. .• Miu Batchelder "ill toa<:h homo OOO


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Wedne,dey,Oclobe,3, 1951


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Art extension Fm·thcoming · events

cupid's latest lovers' links courses have announced to students : new llCtivit.ieS ,\!�ha Honor ,oci<,ty i, r,ne>enti�� "Stotel}' l'mdi,e," ,u,,. of "l..oheni;tln". h ha, bttn the l!!s C 01tO·, daim to tame o.. ,., th<

IIiii! Pn:,;..idenl Horn n,1n� -i:" Ron,..,.,..,. ot "'' OON>r11y ...... held ,c,mtlno«I�Po� o..., :::,ii:,: d :.�:�: l ! y ,01:�::t::..:;:..i:' K :;:i;1_:·��""'"' 7 p. m.. In the


Wl,mn .,,.


Andu,,m//OmJtim ",f",rlu'II �������i�� ��:q:#::-· ••d

from where i sit as ,old to ehorl"" i:"u,ma to c;; plcting ,u,�..11o�, o!I "·hat Glocs.,,,•,-brawl, ..-·er:,· Tuolday, Thursdar. ond S.,.turday. >"irst bout "'-�:30. Bost right, l•ter In tho ,._..,_ nlnl: 1<'1\c,nyougot thecheck Coming thio !al!· '·A Ho...,._., Named PoBpir<." by =.::��\0: 1 ',i ,.,, ::: ;he n ! ��: m :: boen olt<:trlfied. Beuer ask for • "The Pet,il i ed Fo," Aboul a lumberjack 1<·ho,·i1lUh!sgirl,)!aplo. Thepear ha, .. a,:,omy time.but thin�, spru< «>l•. ",\ "·h<, of a,ho"'•" •akl MaryC.,.,h, '"'Thoplay.,m�1,i·· cried Ceori;:eCrin,m :O.athan. (l!erringalds ., .,., . ., . ,.,.,.) ll'i;-� �-�� ·�1 1 :··:�:�!':�: �.:�� uan In •·captain from Cutilo."··?ickup."" with all•Stareos\ from the !oea! OPW.-··Da,·id and Ba!hsl\eba." ,;,.,,:bl mldnlg ,ho,,.· !orat�el,=s. '7he Uarber of s.:,,·me." So•'"· S:?.00. \\'lth tonlc.SJ.60. The eduoatlon .i.partmel·palol

RECORD p rints the answel's, too LI,, r..>: n •mber, Sl�lm rrom tho Latin ti� of pro and coo in thl• ••orm)' in !he«U to oha� o brm d or ru,hing ..,uon. r,utlouk wllh anolhc,r. In po0;ng the quHliOrot1ra;.. 0 1:lr! to display and Sorru! 1irl, w•nt a s<>roricy for the pcactitt le>.den.hlp qualllln ,he al- prt,·ilei,:e of ,.·eari!'g Jackets, eap,1. reo d )· poo,..O<'S. ond plnL They ,.·an, 1o be able to .ai-. •·1 bolo,,g, rm ln<:iudod In plans I do not m'"" ' lo oound P"'· koo,.·lnobl>lshness and diqulshne... )'OU :!!.�:�� y ';.�';'7,:";�...:'�!= �����:,n-ha:iing Aller readlnK ,he pan r.... io.ue, o! chrt of ui�,e.-.,la"m"'' to put n'-"'·romer. ln ohelr rl•oe<. ll t, far I"'""' to h>1"P a �uil' which i• •llowed lo bP. run ln a haphazardmanner,,...uU· :�i.�7i;'":.t:�;.�:. nt .': 11 �::.'�h;;:,.;� fttl the>· aeoon thelr "·,i)· to bocom· in� • 11art of sdlool life. and ereat•• da.. ,plrtt and unlty. ! """ld !jke to ,oy ,hat we lhink )'OUr RF.CORO !s ,,.·ell. I o,pecla!ly :!:';-.ral P•l•y Auoclat!on or w..tem New Yorlc, 1<·hleh opent oxperi,ncH. l ha,·e a!wa)·o det"rit)· life. Sororlty.

' Edil . orial It can be yonl'S -. • . llall lo lh<'CI O Alma)!ater. "-. o.ha.U honor thee . . "' The •u d l­ lorlum J, darkened, opotll�hts focu• ::�: � "' :�,.::;,�::.,':...':.1";'1r:: q : ba.ton,,llencetillo the h.a.U: and lhen. soltly, hun d r«ls of ,·o'°"" llf! the t,anm,r of melody !n pnu.., ot Alma �later. Once m.,,..., Intcr.(:l.uo Sing 11 0 ,-.lit}·. }"or -..--. beloce the d ay, thett ha, . . been rehNruls of oolie,:e oongs � d and n.,..·--fa 1,repacat!on for the e,·tes\, Coope,a\;on ;, \he key to 1ucceu in lntM< behind the tradaion: to lostoc inte.-duo-rationthroUgh lhemed;um ofrnu,;o . and lOllg, You, tho llu�er,t. aN! \ h e · rn os t lm­ portan t penon ror.nected "'Ith lhe tradl\! O !l uf lnter,.Clas1 Sini:;. \·ou ""rlte the -�•- you r,,hc,a..., th" •�L and )-ou sin� the ><>n�.....,,nd notjw;t )'ou ln i , r,eo, hou,. Ave atq ue Vale by DJ Cuedek CE '3� Fa=·ell 10 111ce, proud me=,;·. 111Tos.e sih ..Nld fr:ornedklil glide Withn,eofhabllthrough.eityocrc,et ,\ed� d """nhlgh1<'>,)" Wi d e: A f<>nd la=·•ll. for 1/ l knh· 1'!,\"';:'1...:.�t�d�;""�•,·• touche d thtt Wlth a ,·•h"t tlO\ ... But one wh.,.. hurt l1 0<>ldcr1Ull Than mlne .S..,roed thy lat...... Th :.1 ealmly opnyed • of the ,.ind, V.'hat ohades d o shuth lhy b""°""; ( �f�e thoumll>! a d mit .thou look..t Thou'rt primed for • tock-<:>< ...,,...?) Note: TI>e abon wH lnsplttd by the rw:w

Wayne 'Tal'l:il's' steamroll Tho �lor)' that orn,e "'U s,a,o·•, •• • far as x-country lo O})portu111t1es :one

s�:�:,, 1 1 h: • h��o '!71.:� t !Ion In ltself wotohlng two i:rut tnms tangle In one of spor t 1 ou1standing ,pe,taoles-0\e Worl d S.rleo. Vi d eo affords �:':: o� · t: b �: n� an)· sport• thrill• heordlnarlly,:oul d not afford. ..r�;�·:::;�.�� 1 ::r:i: f.:?.:��:�::,.�.��;��r'. :�;.·�n���·'!;:'i:.�· d l�= �:.:: ,:�ro;:"'""'" ,.,,r e :. ��:, :: 1 :�: 1 :: :::. d om' ;•�: 1 ��

s- l•IO"• ,...,.

·New faces in education dept. itre Carol Kahler, E. Thiel, M. Wagner

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g=gg::.;,"' C,dl,ilhlllplllf4Rtnl·•-Ro,J,

.record ' ' Wcdne,d�y. Octobor fO, 1951 Org,uizations Colnmbus discovered, S1a.i . egirls'fi;11cl their b � aves list activilies

record Stop, look and The place-college union; listen; it may sub ject-murder; tim-ight concern you C,.,,tral otaglng will � uM'

it•d•M Coun•"'<1 ... ,haplaln att1 11ion«"...,,.Onl,..of B,, o TIOU ln;o Al�ha �lim• ,\lph• ,..,;onalPMh•ll •nl<...«1 1)',0cl � 1;, . " o.,,,01oS:3toT

WC((IES TASTE BEITER THANANY.OTHER CIGARE'ITE ! lt tak..,,fine tobaecotoi:ivcyouabetter-tas fine toba,:i,o. But it gg1:;:�f�i���\[�0Zt

Tri$>1m>S0,..,.,, Stc,,,aSE.SJ;masor<>•ll>·l, Wi nohon.,,.t 10. ,·1,11 of• natlol>aloWttr. )I,.._ Emu, Loo n>1klul«>l la,r l,-..,,,;-,1. du', Ocl. 12. ond �111b< the c,,«t o f �';:" .,. ":�:�=��'::;",;,th< "'"""'o1"'-...eon,,,••._..11n worn«no nd,h•lrmo n •.-. >laltHUl>oln�b" :��-��m:.::;'"'.,. ,.._ ..�� .. I���; ..,,,"11Jl>ootto ndt

�st,IU, lf� s,l ��·�t':�...,t, ,1,a\�....i.£i111-F-'l'• ,. �: .. ,.. � =,;· ,.,.. � L.S.fM.F.T.-wd

Wednesd�y.Oc:tober24, 1951 Dean likes punch Dear l!Ol1y, You suroly1:ot tttl punoh !n tht RECOR D . Probabl>' Cha,i.,,Guzzoua might I n clude t h e aECOa D roon, "' a spot "·heN!O"�• !s notjuot a tern· pororyquallty. Thankyooforo n ah!lng metoroach for • RJ,:COR D llefon, I ....aeh for • Camel. Theseremarks,ofcoorv,an, no,asalcohollcall>· ln.splroduGuz zeua·,: mine an, really Jo>ber ,�oughts �!::': d ) �:� . •·retz. { t lime/or :/ � nger and ahler, pportunlt)""' ·hi<,hJl u!falo of­ lor<.Oucm0found g,.ta u d< ,offe,td to lho•e w i t� ..- .,om l h•ve be.,.1on9•uoeialed: t3 an •ble and loyal fae"lty, to valued administru; v• eollnguu,to• g,ut fa mi lyof fd•ndo. '"! !in(] 1 ,di fficultto'te,minatomy o/liclal "'lotlon,hlp wll h a board whkh hu g!,·e n mo un/allin� WI)· :,"'.;!id!�1. :�;� " �,'.;�,t��.,! !: 1 �'��'. tucy, has ""'1,ldered the e<>l!e�o of mai<,,pcC"SOnalrooc,,m. And finally, !<>pM'llomy h cartr•hawn,olatlonto offlclal, of thc«luoatloodepartment, t h eState unl,·eC"Slty,the n,gents,and oopecially to D oan Coopec for th&lr good.will andthel,oontlnuoustfl· 01,eratlonaod hclpfulness.'" Amoeba. a\ t h e stact Werenotc:omplex; Th o y1on,(hl,m..l,·e• apa n And �!�ui;:e�ullorman A �\�� �re · 1 the h>Pl> Y bounding You cannot tell the he from • h e. ��::•:.���it!��· :O�a ' n.. �e. -itolandYou n g T h e �n,atoo\ dloUluslonmcnt to a rollege ,tud




�sororit y -,nin . ded?' ignites opin�ons as rushing begins; . To !l>efdi!<>r. Co n �rotulatlo"" to >VU and tho mombo.-. of i-ou,,tafl for th< bold �;�?i!���:·Hl�E.:� o 1 �, t t:: k n ""'"'e!le n OllS"h,who<.,,•dd....,..._ ! i k u, and lo,up h old i ng theotand•n:!• thl n i;10 our �=P,and10w·hom .. . ., of t h eir grnupL lnretumcan gi,-.,someth!l\,ll, Xo Morn.J can only upbraidffl)' id;li��.';�t :e/in • t h �';'��• �=��:.: w<>rpin, and J•eku,,and \huo t h ndln� h}' me.p,r· enu.•nd,Jor ha,·inglaith aow·e!lu !o,·c for )'otir ,!owly . macutin g letter pri n lod In n,ganl 10 tht lm· maturit>· di•pl.,,i·NI in D.ulng Asu1t1N!ngly!ari;:enumbecofsapho­ morn• . .,,....,11.., 1 yt n ,ymp.:U h )·u·!th tho oplnlono o!tho t,.·ojunlor,.,a n d n,fused to ann<>)".huml!lote. or im• pose�;,on1 h en<,\\ . .estotuc!enuonour You an, • m o 1�\�����-� namew·ithhcl

mber of • group. 11,.QU�h yoo mayno, reali>< it, Your group may be mor< undomocn,.tlc lhanwo appear!o be. Perh11>eln•-tlotiom1orulh11utie,ha,·e all boen malle

T h i ndnd ma�n· b; n any ..,. ,blanocof ..,1f.,npeet. We do not uy t h •t all i ndividual• w h obelongtooo"'riti..... ,,otwonh knowic,g We do malnuin. h,,.,.., .. ,,,.th.: th• mlly. It · 1, gratlf}in� to knov.· that :-:•u1:i::�principln,ti]l•'d>l bee,t attackOny yea,. . for bel�� undomcx:ntie. "Who an, th<)" top,ck1n <>1>homore, D<>rot h> ·)! iranda ����� n> ;.";ft; ���!\ · 1:; ha•·• • a'1ie!e

'...inspiringstudent body'-Rockwell ThrRECOR D I, happ)·loprlnt the b u ilding and ruidenco to 10; of !h t followin� ._.,r.u,t Iron, th• la,t •.,. graduation of o,u10,000ot u dento. nu•I rcport al!lorry \\".lt oc)cwoll. ;::,::r; i :: 1 ���: i ��:.:'t� 1� !:::

<>r>...half)·earsof..,n·!tta., principal ol thl,ll uffak,Sta10Xom,alscl>:"'I

,. to blam• tM :::o,h�!o, o: :-�>hln�. for tho >Jbml!· tin� o( inl a n d tho l'an· h ellealo party a,nalnly ,a,·, m• enoug h ohanc,, 10 1hou· my Jniec,,., and 10 i:c1 •<'luain1ed. 'October) Bright Blue Weather' \' ByDICUEDEK S;,ring.oummtt.but ah-autumn' spring. toHnd"·a,·es a n d l""ipple• in Bright rffls a n d dull, b"""-n,,o,ang... a>himmol""ing dn,le: • suddon;Wit ol )"U""·o.fa.,t-chan;lng;--tun, "1nd drop, a handlul of le..-n to ho,..erjustabo,. .,the ,u,l ����i: 1 ;����::�n· t �:s: ��;·1�I��f.� 1 I;��;�j in Ootob<,. 11,·lgs that stumble o,-.r Ill pebble,. In��:.� .. �;·:�-::,=k:�! I ha,·e no righl

a........ SW• T;,aoher', "'"·�·

Alp ha Sig ma Tau

!1919·1927)and lator asi, o h::tu\���f•l!'."" Collet• "l beli•••t h ln f��:fiii��: G \�;� l ?:t[a£ rttmlly.Euric;h, asp<"Hldent ol t h e Slat o unh·onlly. Du1""ingmy32J'H"' •nd mo"' l n Buffalo.I h •,·o bo,,n &Hodat.-d with 30 princlp,,l• and p,...ldentsolt h oll s!at•normal 0 1<:hool, and teaoheC"Sroliof{'O. "It h u 1 becn my good fonune to ;;•:" ' : 0 �1::: h �;,�;,;�;::•;�: m ;� to2000: ola faeullyfrom42to 16P: :i: :�i:�; :�:::.��,:!\� n ��: ntor for }':' ,.., at onlyon•of thep..•· -� eolleg.. ;,, onjoy

organizations hold 111eetings iil\],r.Jtl!i� li !!i � � Ei&l

Ch•11ering,,ooldlns1qul�s. chtthbulgl n g1<·ilh nu11and berl'es, ,curryabout t h o1rento thoi,sto,..,. rooms. Clumsy, lumberi n g bu"'and flttt-foot<1fh tM l,afy oarpot o,wrinklo l n qull'nK no,.. at acloudl.... ,ky. ''October'sB

..,..· upon rttW!n tlle flelds,thr\lstlng theirohqgyblondthoadsagalnst the oky. Fat pumpkin, and ,qunh Jio he.a,·lly on tM ,·ltand>,or hang su�ny ,;earning n.ibln oz, gnarled tu;; n 1=':.1�� ,. ��•"'::"�:;1:\t i • �

Wedne,day,October2�, J9S1


hgeFour /

Bloodmobile On Campus Today

Canadian and Amer. frontiers given 1st class Here is a chance for proof

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:�:� 00 c:,�.��:�:·�; ..:•,:""�'�'::; November 9

� �:.d�"�,·���;;:.i;: ;r;: :::1��: ! 1

:::� 1

:�·. ��·;.:;·:,:.���,;�, ·: 1

LUCKIES TASTE BETTER ! It takC'!fincto b accotogive . youebettcr, . 1 • taning cigarette. And Lucky Strike mMm �ne tob:icco. But it take< some­ thing else. too-superior workmanship. Luc�ie,arethr,world"sb.,.1-madeciga­ rctte. Th�,·• why Luckies tnste b,:tter. So,S... Happy-GoLuckr! Getacorton u,·, 10!Wewantyou, j,ngles'We"reready andwilhn� nml eager to pay )'(lu S�S for e�eryjinileweu,e.Scnda,manyjingl, )·ouliketo Happ}·.Go-L�

--«r,-oel!hU ·�•«l<>"""' ,,...,_ ""' l'lo« !)"lo>ID" du b ,. .,,, hOlO. !U [�if:J:l� ;T;i Library news rn:3Z�� 'ffe:PE�:'E.";:j � rl �§f��§�� :;�';7'1....:'�� r�fhl';"��i: u " ni.,ei;ul>rLibta,yhour,are J.l ond»··Thun,d,,y8a.m.•9p.m. da)" ijL,n.4lp.m. $.oturdoy 8:JOo.m...<-lo"oo:a,oryo!in>1n.1ctional .... , �rl a l ll&spura>,OO< l ns1aUall onollhl oyN X....-n>&n.,.,.,lldotn,.llltokepla«, :.':.��.��r:=':'! l d l '!:":


Vol. '43-No. 7






1 ho,.1,J1•llt1·: J���n/Boo,d· �!b,ro of tk,·,oU,o, •00 1

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WednHday,October31, l951

record,Oi:fobe,31, 1951 - Tower of Glory becomes reality 110,·e you""'" tho ad I n lJB"s "" SJ) ,.r tho r&i!"iU g elhurt. Hico,h;m1 wu nolhing to th< blut lhot int•r-frot io hHring now.Th< •h•pe c l th< towor io its own opp... h•n•i•• warning..The word hos it thlt Hllexpenso, 1oold. • Tn, gr•nto,lor examplo,cn•ble a boy from CM• to study archit«ture in lt•ly,and• girl from Ari1ona to •tudy5<>ciology in l, 1r1!��!� d�����: ��:r i: : n m l:�;;, a n d.ul"'n retumli, g home, l n n .,.., to other< n from Bn;,mo n , whubstudJ•!ng lnw a1 UBthlayear. Applicanl• for thi, intcrnatio n >l gO<>d•will«change ol ,tudon\o mu•t be outo\anding in lhr�. be botwcon the agc• of 20 to 29 yoara, pouus • bacholor'o dog.., fn,m a ""iversity inth•irown co.,n\ry,hove a •pecific obj«ti•o to belurthe..d by graduote ,t..dy at • foreign "ni•ers;ty, and h1ve a fluent knowledge of a farei9n l1ngu•g• in order to interprol thoirland and way of ll le Rotalian• onOSTC'o stalrl n olude Ralph Hom.llarryStoel. p3.,ISmay, F-menon:\'.euthardl,R�rt,\lbr!ght, �';!h��l� fonnoc 1,re,lde n t, f!orry Note: s..., nou.,,.p. � Do�•t• blood:! go o,or, come a


Paoe Two !\fenbecometopic ofeditorial letters in frat issues Toa n d ,ororltnet: tlloy ha,..,to b« we ttay "P half th< n;ght l')'ing to diKO•er whgeo tok< pla«, For tlio uko of our hulth ond well•bti"'1to thelro· tomitioo. I thin\ itw""ld 1,e to tho odvantage of all ifat oome op«ific tinted on 1he tOYo·e,. It \\.,,,,;rd conalnly �dd to th e c<>lleG'iato l<><>l< of the ra1hor unl n tel"f'it!n� "°"' °'{,i 1 :;.w, , h�,.. .,,., company may fro""lt o n

State bumps STC kickers Orange and black harriers Geneseo, 3-1 ���.'.'.�. .:"!���.'� ���L.'.'.'.���'..��... clip Toronto and Niagara Council has

Union boasts inter-faith chapel 19'-l� lhe �raduatin g , ye.>r. more mo,,ey ""•• . �dded by Harry w.-Rock"·ell"s !.<>yal1y run,! a n d thC <.):1,u··o1 19.>0. who wa n tedto """ ,omeploce of wofShlp �·lthln the Pr3.ctice teaches coll•g•. Thc aotual ldeofo, 1he prese n 1 chapel ol"lginUed at>oul two yoar< a�o with th e leaders o/ 1ho !01Jr rellgloo, group,. :S-ow th e room I< a, ·allable to each rocognlz.ed rellglOOJs g roup for re�ularlJ' soho·lces e n tlroly !gnottd durieg thl'orary chai,,I eomm111... Stu - · et3 of lite eommitttt l'"i!)"O,rl

Travel and study in foreign ]ands D<> yoo "·a n t tn lra\ . .,I .,broad. to do gr,t.duate Sludy ot a fotoign u n f, , .,, and to further fniernat!o n al good·"' UI T The Rotary �·oondatlo n fe!low,hlp pla n has,..,nt28 4<1udenu rrom 35 cotintrieo to stL>

""'��� Ontario Aggies arc competition • in sports doubleheader, Saturday .. . nlun:�1 b ::\:'.� e ;d " .7-.";:::: 1 "I �n:::i"r"fim! 0 ;1: 1 ,1�t;::i",� :::: OCOP.D

:��1�� ::;�:";: .. 'i��!� r 0c,. :H .. ••••'°"''Y ,1at«1 1n eoa,h °"" ?u'"'Y '.""""t«i. �; ����:f�j'S:��e �,!���'] E;f·.f��r���;::::·�:·=

lerl'"'!ln� their exper!e

1, . .,rs1ty. A , •etcrnn.he hu sen·od 21 monlh• with tho Army ��!''g,,',:';;;r · . �::, r ath0!3Ut:h10! ln!itorature,h< prefor,thoEliubot!J•n poriod and William Sh1kn· t,;;i';-: ' 11. modorn drama and Eu9ene Durtn g hls ,pare time,�Ir. fuller 1> ·rltnpoetr)".1"'l n 1$la:nd,ca;,<,,a n d :;,:·�oi/".� l ':;j� i:,��; 1 ,�rt�� nn l• ;

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