2018 Secondary School Catalogue

Coding Years 7-8 UNIFY STEM Series: Code Breaker


The following graph demonstrates that, on average, the achievement of Code Breaker students significantly improved from pre to post-test assessment in Rounds 1-2, 2017. NB: Round 3 is in progress.


I improved my skills because before I started I knew nothing about coding which has boosted my confidence with computers. I showed my parents eLearn and I have enjoyed my time working with an online teacher. I have tried some of this coding with my parent and she and I enjoyed it very much and the online teacher made it seem more fun than what I would have thought otherwise. Throughout this project I have noticed a wide range of my skills have improved including my code breaking skills, independence and time management skills.

I love this program! It makes learning coding and tech skills easy and fun and explains things in simple terms so that you can do complex things fairly quickly. I like that you use multiple coding languages to give you a variety of skills and use them for many different things. I think I'll use this coding for graphic and website design, and other online design elements. Having the opportunity to learn about coding and other computer programs makes me feel incredibly lucky as it will benefit my future, of which I hope to attain a job that relates to science technology.

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