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 Students, nominated staff and parents can access additional project activities at any time with internet access via .  Involvement in these additional activities is not compulsory, but is highly recommended to help your students more out of the course.  Some schools devote class time to the eLearn activities.  Some schools create a project club before school or at lunchtime and encourage the students to attend and complete the activities.  Some schools ask each student to access the activities at home with parent support (if internet access is available).  Schools must provide a Web Conference Supervisor – class teacher, librarian, coach, STLaN, HOD, Principal, Teacher-Aide etc.  The Web Conference Supervisor must be supportive of the program, keen to develop their skills and be capable of managing the behavior of the group.  We request that your Web Conference Supervisor logs in to the session to support the students and online teacher.  Your Web Conference Supervisor will develop their knowledge and skills and is welcome to engage in co-teaching with our online teacher.  This is an excellent opportunity to build staff capability at your school.  You can appoint one person to this role or share the opportunity amongst a small number of staff across the round or the year.  Your school also needs to appoint a Project Coordinator.  Your coordinator organises your school’s participation. The coordinator leads student selection; nominates your preferred lesson times; and provides our team with student and staff details.  Your Project Coordinator and Web Conference Supervisor can be the same person if required. STEP 5 – REGISTER  Registrations for Round 3 are due by Thursday 3 August.  Use the red button below to register online.  Our team will be in touch to provide more details and assistance.  Contact us by phone on (07) 3727 2888 or email 2 - Project Coordinator STAFF INVOLVEMENT 1 - Web Conference Supervisor

‘The IMPACT Centre is University of Queensland’s largest community partner in terms of scale. The IMPACT Centre plays a critical role in the social inclusion agenda of the University through their on- campus workshops and online interviews with our academics and researchers. The centre is a core enabler of our mission “to positively influence society”. In addition, the IMPACT Centre has developed a pedagogical approach that takes training in critical thinking for school students to a new level of rigour. concepts associated with deductive and inductive forms of reasoning at a surprisingly young age and to transfer those skills to tasks across the curriculum.’ Associate Professor Deborah Brown University of Queensland Students learn to explicitly articulate complex

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