Rules & Regulations




The "Club" refers to the facilities provided at Seven Oaks Country Club located at 2000 Grand Lakes Ave., Bakersfield, California. The "Club" refers to the Equity Members of Seven Oaks Country Club.


"The Board" refers to the governing body which manages the Club and its successors in interest. “Manager” refers to the General Manager/COO of the Club. The Board and manager have authority over the affairs of the Club.


(a) A "Membership" is the contractual privilege by which designated persons enter into the Club for the exclusive purpose of using and enjoying the available facilities at the times and in the manner set forth in these Rules. A "Member" is the person obligated for the payment of all fees, dues, fines and charges. Members agree to be bound by these Rules as presently enacted or hereafter amended. Amendments to the Rules may be announced either by publication in the Club's newsletter or by posting at the Club. The Rules, as amended or supplemented, will be maintained in the Manager's office and are available for review upon request.

(b) Membership may be subject to disciplinary action, including fines, suspension or revocation, in accordance with these Rules.

(c) The Board shall have the right to discontinue offering any categories of membership, to create additional categories or classes of membership from time to time conferring such rights and privileges and imposing such obligations as it deems appropriate, and to prescribe the qualifications and requirements for membership in any such class or category.


All membership initiation fees or deposits, transfer fees, dues, fines, and miscellaneous charges and fees, whether paid annually, monthly or otherwise, shall be determined solely by the Board. The Board reserves the right to modify, change and add to these fees, deposits, dues, fines, and charges in its sole discretion. Membership in good standing is always conditional upon prompt payment in full of all fees, deposits, dues, fines, and charges. A Member may be subject to disciplinary action, including forfeiture of membership, for failure to meet his or her financial obligations to the Club as set forth in Article IV. The schedule of fees, deposits, dues, fines, and charges in effect at any given time is available for review at the membership office.


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