Inductive Coupling System

■ Contact free transmission of energy and signals

Axial coupler

Application/customer benefits • Contact free, safe transmission of energy and signals between moving / rotating and stationary components • Application examples: Supply of sensors, supply and monitoring of remote systems • Dynamic Pairing • Wear and maintenance free • Protection functions: Temperature monitoring, foreign object detection, reverse polarity protection • Multilevel LED function display with good Visibility Technical features • Mounting M30 x 1.5 • Operating voltage 24 V (18 ... 30 V) • Transmission distance 0 - 8 mm • Transmission of energy: 24 V / 12 W (500 mA) • Transmission of signals: 8 digital signals (PNP) • Connection: Remote female connector M12 (12-pin), base male connector M12 (12-pin) • Protection class IP 67 • Id. No. Base: 0E011602, Id. No. Remote: 0E011603

Block diagram:


8 digital signals

24 V/12 W


0 - 8 mm




Subject to technical changes. For more detailed information please ask our customer ser Vice.

Function Base LED Power Color

Function Remote LED Coupling Color

Green / red

Green / red

Off » Unit not supplied with Voltage (or under Voltage) On (green) » 24 V ok and mobile unit has been detected Flashes 2 HZ green » 24 V ok but no mobile unit detected Flashes 1 HZ green / red » Incompatible mobile unit detected Flashes 2 HZ red » Foreign object detected Flashes 5 HZ red » Internal error

Off » Unit not connected On (green) » Unit connected, Voltage output DC 24 V ok Flashes 2 HZ red » Unit connected but short circuit at DC 24 V Flashes 5 HZ red » Internal error



LED Data Valid Color


Off » No mobile unit detected On » Mobile unit detected and signals are transmitted 2 HZ » Short circuit on at least one of the outputs Flashes 5 HZ » O Verload Voltage output mobile unit


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