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Recycled Dog Park Play

Our dog park play selections provide opportunities for dogs to exercise their minds and bodies. In addition to the individual pieces seen here, we also offer pre-designed dog park play packages.


100% recycled HDPE posts

• • • •

Durable and UV stabilized HDPE plastic panels Roto-molded plastic with anti-static inhibitors

Easy to clean

In-ground mount

Hurdle Jump Model: RECF0007XX Weight: 68 lbs. Sold as a set of 4

Camel Hump Climber Model: RECF0001XX Weight: 269 lbs.

Dog Log Model: RECF0008XX Weight: 400 lbs.

Over and Under Model: RECF0012XX Weight: 109 lbs.

Home Sweet Home Model: RECF0010XX Weight: 416 lbs.

Through the Target Model: RECF0006XX Weight: 112 lbs.

Climb and Sit Model: RECF0002XX Weight: 296 lbs.

Limbone, Anyone? Model: RECF0003XX Weight: 104 lbs.

Nice Turn Model: RECF0013XX Weight: 331 lbs.

Step Up Model: RECF0005XX Weight: 154 lbs.

Jump Through Model: RECF0014XX Weight: 147 lbs.

Let’s Rest Model: RECF0009XX Weight: 246 lbs.

High Jump Model: RECF0011XX Weight: 128 lbs.

Through the Tunnel Model: RECF0004XX Weight: 420 lbs.

Walk the Plank Model: RECF0015XX Weight: 347 lbs.

Leash Holder Model: RECF0022XX Weight: 70 lbs.

Choose from our selection of plastic, panel, and recycled post colors. Ask your representative to see our complete dog park color palette.


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