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Puppy Paradise

Pawsitively Playful

FEATURES • Beginner course

FEATURES • Small area course

• Discounted package pricing • 32' x 37' recommended area

• Discounted package pricing • 30' x 27' recommended area • Package includes Jump Through, Stepping Up, Home Sweet Home, and Nice Turn Model: RECF0019XX

• Package includes Jump Through, Stepping Up, Let's Rest, Camel Hump Climber, Home Sweet

Home, and Nice Turn Model: RECF0018XX

Dog's Best Friend

Beggin' For More

FEATURES • Intermediate course

FEATURES • Large area course • 35' x 64' recommended area • Package includes Camel Hump Climber, Through the Tunnel, Home Sweet Home, Dog Log, Jump Through, Let’s Rest, Walk the Plank, High Jump, Stepping Up, and Over and Under Model: RECF0020XX

• Discounted package pricing • 28' x 33' recommended area

• Package includes Dog Log, Jump Through, Home Sweet Home, High Jump, Stepping Up, and Climb and Sit Model: RECF0017XX

Master Companion

Best in Show

FEATURES • Advanced course

FEATURES • Everything course • 51' x 52' recommended area • Package includes all dog play products except Hurdle Jump and Leash Holder Model: RECF0021XX

• Discounted package pricing • 44' x 34' recommended area

• Package includes Through the Target, Dog Log, Walk the Plank, Limbone Anyone, Over and Under, and Home Sweet Home Model: RECF0016XX

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