Investec Culture in London


Favourite building/ outing/scene/area – and why?

Favourite shopping spot/restaurant/coffee shop/sports stadium/ concert arena – and why? I love food and London is amazing as there’s just about every type of cuisine on offer you can think of. I think my absolute favourite restaurant is Le Relais De Venise – which does “steak frites” with a special secret sauce which is crazily delicious. There’s no menu – they just serve the first half of your steak with chips, then come back and bring you the other half of your steak with a fresh portion of chips to keep the second half of your steak warm. Archers Street is a brilliant bar in Soho where the waiters and waitresses spontaneously burst into song. I’m also extremely partial to a Nandos!

If there was one thing you could change about London, what would it be? Magic trains and tubes that are fast, free and smell nice – with seats for all so you don’t have to start your day with your face in someone’s armpit. The magic trains should also come with a service that wakes you up and doesn’t let you sleep past your stop… One thing that you think people don’t know about London but need to know? Londoners are warmer and friendlier than you think! I think colleagues from SA who visit London are sometimes surprised by how warm and friendly everyone is here. I myself am definitely a hugger! FUN FACT – the ‘cheesegrater’ building in London was built that shape to preserve the views of St Paul's from other parts of London. Any specific ‘passion’ to tell us about? I used to do a lot of ballet, though sadly my passion has been more “watching” than “doing” over the last couple of years. My main passions now are probably eating, sleeping, and going on holiday – I’m happiest in life when I’m in the sea!

How long have you been at Investec, where do you work, and what do you do? I’ve been at Investec around a year and a half and work in internal communications, within the Private Bank Marketing team. With Private Bank being one year into a five year growth strategy, it’s a really exciting time to be here. How long have you lived in London, where you from and where do you live? I’m from Brentwood in Essex and bought my first house in Harold Wood with my boyfriend last December. Harold Wood is only about a 10 minute drive from Brentwood, so I’m not terribly adventurous! My parents live in Brentwood and my Mum is my best friend (and therapist!) so staying close was essential.

Vi c tor i a Buckley

I have always loved Big Ben and St Paul's – which is pretty lucky as Investec’s offices are a stone’s throw from the latter. Seeing it never gets old, it’s absolutely stunning. I once climbed to the top of Big Ben and got to stand in front of the giant clock face which was a great experience and I thoroughly recommend it. Best way of spending a Saturday afternoon? I enjoy going to bottomless brunches or afternoon teas with friends. We’ve had a boiling hot summer (by English standards) this year, so I’ve also enjoyed plenty of BBQs – not braais, sorry! I also love going to the theatre. I’m usually whizzing about on Saturdays for one reason or another, or doing DIY on the new home with my boyfriend – but my dream Saturday would probably be to have a cosy pyjama day and a takeaway – I am 29 going on 92!


Harold Wood is ‘zone 6’ of London transport wise, so I can just about class myself as a Londoner! It takes around 35 minutes on the train to get to London Liverpool Street.

What makes London an Out of the Ordinary place to live, for you? I love that you can pop underground for five minutes and come up to something completely different. There are so many different areas to explore – you could live here forever and never see it all!

The stunning St Paul's

My boyfriend and me at London’s annual chicken wing festival

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