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SEPT 2017


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To get to where I am today, I had to dedicate myself to the pursuit of education. This was something I realized when I was in college as an undergraduate student at Indiana University. I discovered I did better in school when I chose to be there and took my success into my own hands. As a practicing attorney, I continue to dedicate myself to education. There are always new areas of law to understand and explore. Laws are constantly changing or being updated. New laws are regularly introduced. And there are complex laws that I have to commit myself to understanding. It’s up to me to stay abreast of what’s going on in the legal world. It helps me stay ahead of the curve, and it helps me be able to better serve my clients. After all, people come to my law firm because they are seeking my expertise. They rely on me to get them the results they need to move on with their lives. That’s why I believe it’s so important to stay educated. For instance, I’m a member of the National College for DUI Defense. This organization regularly sends me updates on DUI cases from around the country. These updates give me insight into what other attorneys are doing to help their clients. While not everything I learn from the National College for DUI Defense updates can be applied to what I’m doing here in Florida, I might discover an issue I hadn’t previously considered. I might be inspired to read up on a law or a part of law that may have gone under my radar. One area of law that I’m following closely is the marijuana policy in Colorado. While Colorado is half a country away, the state is on the forefront of the legal marijuana industry, both recreational and medicinal. What lawmakers and legal experts are doing in Colorado right now may end up serving as a road map for Florida in the next few years. By staying updated on Colorado’s laws and related cases, I can stay one step ahead. That way, as laws change, I’m ready. Outside of keeping myself educated on law, I do what I can to keep my mind sharp all around. I love to read for pleasure. It’s something I try to do a little of every day. However, that wasn’t

always the case. Like with school, I didn’t really enjoy reading until it was something I did by my choice.

Growing up, there are so many books in school that teachers want you to read that you probably didn’t want to. I, for one, didn’t enjoy reading when I was told I had to read. Today, I love to read. Before I go to bed, I’ll spend some time with a book.



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