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Air Sensing Control Kit Adjustable air pressure and flow gives you the ability to monitor most confirmation valves, part present or clamp position systems.

The pneumatic confirmation valve confirms the stage of loading before or after clamping. It is adaptable to multiple devices including: swing clamps, link clamps, cylinders and supports. Avoid machine crashes by confirming specific actions before you cycle your machine. It is designed to be used in both coolant and dry environments and is easily mounted either vertically or horizontally. Confirmation at its finest! Confirm Clamp Stroke Position Pneumatically

.025 .020

Customer Made Actuator

ILS504089 REV C

Application Setup: Adjust actuator 0.025± 0.020 above valve body with clamp positioned at the bottom of clamping stroke. This will avoid valve and actuator damage if clamp over travels.

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