Fig. 7a. The silk lampas in the Baltimore Drawing Room curtains was made in Lyon, France, in 1972 through Brunschwig & Fils. It reproduces the pattern and color of silk bedhangings that, according to family tradition, came to America in 1800 with E. I. du Pont, the great-grandfather of H. F. du Pont.

Fig. 7b. The Marlboro Room valance of wool moreen, produced for Winterthur in France through Brunschwig & Fils, highlights H. F. du Pont’s signature approach to decoration.

By the 1960s, it was clear to curators that although a number of the textile furnishings at Winterthur had faded and needed to be replaced, large quantities of antique fabrics were no longer available. The solution was to replace those that were damaged with reproductions, and the museum worked closely with the firm of Brunschwig & Fils on numerous replacement projects, adding to the enduring beauty of the Winterthur rooms created by H. F. du Pont, an extraordinary collector and decorator (figs. 7a,b) . For the full story of the fabulous Winterthur curtains, newly photographed in 40 museum rooms, look no further than The Well-Dressed Window: Curtains at Winterthur , recently published for the museum by The Monacelli Press. Available at the Winterthur Bookstore, online at winterthurstore.com, or call 800.448.3883. $50.

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