Harry and Jeanne Gordon attended their first Delaware Antiques Show in 1970, when it was held at Wilcastle Center in Wilmington. They served as volunteers for more than 25 years, as the show changed locations and grew in size and reputation. “We believe in the show’s connection with Winterthur,” said Jeanne. “I have been a Winterthur guide for more than 45 years and appreciate the museum’s cultural and educational importance to the community. Harry and I value the participation of the finest and most reputable antiques dealers in America and the support of the many members of the Winterthur staff who, combined with a group of like-minded volunteers, make an effective team.” Harry has been a dedicated member of the Gentlemen’s Committee, starting in 1988. Although its duties have changed over the years, today the committee serves the vital function of managing the orderly move in/move out of dealers and their wares. Also a volunteer since 1988, Jeanne served as a guide in the years when tours of the show were offered. More recently, she has been a chair of the Dealer Liaison Committee, which provides vital communication with dealers during the event to ensure that they have what they need for a successful show.

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