In his new book, A PLACE TO CALL HOME: Tradition, Style, and Memory in the New American House (Rizzoli, October 2017), Schafer follows up his best-selling The Great American House by pulling the curtain back on his distinctive approach, sharing his process (complete with unexpected, accessible ideas readers can work into their own projects) and taking readers on a detailed tour of seven beautifully realized houses in a range of styles located around the country—each in a unique place, and each with a character all its own. Lush, full-color photographs (250) of these seven houses and other never-before-seen projects, including exterior, interior, and landscape details, invite readers into Schafer’s world of comfortable classicism. Opening with memories of the childhood homes and experiences that have shaped Schafer’s own history, A PLACE TO CALL HOME gives the reader the sense that for Schafer, architecture is not just a career but a way of life, a calling. He describes how the many varied houses of his youth were informed as much by their style as by their sense of place and how these experiences of home informed his idea of classicism as a set of values that he applies to many different kinds of architecture in places as varied as the ones he grew up in. Because while Schafer is absolutely a classical architect, he is in fact a modern traditionalist, and A PLACE TO CALL HOME showcases how he effortlessly interprets traditional principles for a multiplicity of architectural styles within contemporary ways of living.

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