If you have visited Winterthur, you are familiar with follies, for the Bristol Summerhouse (fig. 1) , Latimeria Summerhouse, and Pagoda Gate & Umbrella Seat (figs. 2a,b) are among the seven permanent follies placed at Winterthur by Henry Francis du Pont. Our creative Garden Department has taken a cue from those existing garden follies and added seven more for this special nine- month, open-air exhibit. In June 2016, Carol Long, Curator, Garden, and Linda Eirhart, Senior Curator of Plants and Director of Horticulture, spent two weeks traveling in England, photographing follies of all sorts throughout the country. They came home filled with ideas of what could be done at Winterthur. As a result of their explorations and the Garden Department’s hands-on coordination with a group of talented craftsmen, visitors here will be treated to everything from a floating Needle’s Eye (figs. 3a,b) that greets you as you make your way past the

Figs. 2a,b. In the late 1920s, H. F. du Pont rescued the Pagoda Gate & Umbrella Seat from Latimeria, a famous estate in Wilmington, Delaware, that was being dismantled and sold. The vista here takes you off the walkway into the garden. Photos by Jeannette Lindvig and Bob Leitch.

Figs. 3a,b. This modern folly is inspired by the Needle’s Eye in South Yorkshire, England, which was originally built of sandstone in the 1700s. Our folly will be placed on water to reflect its distinct and dramatic form.

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