Figs. 5a,b. Faux castles and ruins, like the modern Gothic-inspired tower at Painshill, were popular in Europe during the 1700s and 1800s. They were located where they would be highly visible and command a prominent view, as this one will be on Oak Hill.

Illustrations by Eric Leland, www.lelandmanufactory.com The Follies exhibit, opening April 1, 2018, is included with general admission. The walking one-mile loop will take approximately 45minutes at a leisurely pace, and the main path through the garden is wheelchair and stroller accessible. Narrated tram tours will depart from the Visitor Center. For all the latest information, please visit our website, winterthur.org . We’ll see you in 2018! Ottoman Tent that interprets the Turkish pavilions fashionable among the European elite in the 1700s; and a naturalistic Green Folly, inspired by the rustic houses and topiary pavilions long popular in Europe. These are all full-size structures that invite you to explore and enjoy. Winterthur has seen nothing like it!

Follies: Architectural Whimsy in the Garden is presented by

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