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TheWord About Lasers Is Spreading And We’re Happy to Hear It

It seems like 2019 is shaping up to be the year of the laser in physical therapy. With more and more people seeking out ways to treat pain without resorting to surgery or medication, it was only a matter of time until laser therapy went mainstream. I’ve spoken before about why we decided to invest in a LightForce Class IV Deep Tissue Medical Therapy Laser and why I think it’s one of the biggest advances in physical therapy during my career. This month, in honor of our one-year anniversary of performing laser therapy, I want to tell you why so many people are excited about it and what to know when considering laser treatment. Earlier this year, WCVB 5 ran a piece about laser therapy on the local news. They say that people only get their news through social media these days, but that must not be the case around Boston because we had an overwhelming number of patients call us to talk about the laser. After watching the segment, they wanted to learn more about our laser and how it differs from the one they saw on TV. “Ultimately, though, all the news stories and tales from the sidelines aren’t going to be as convincing as trying the laser out for yourself. ” In fact, our laser is a step up from the one featured on Channel 5. While they are both Class IV lasers, the one you saw on TV features only 3.3 watts of power compared to the laser with 15 watts at our disposal here at Professional Physical Therapy. Another thing you may have noticed if you watched the piece is that the laser in the story was operated remotely and robotically. Our laser therapy, on the other hand, is performed by a professional who targets the area where you’re feeling pain more precisely and effectively. This targeting leads to expedited results in fewer sessions that take less time to complete. Another reason people have been asking us about the laser recently is they have heard of it being used on some of their favorite athletes. In fact, all four major Boston-area sports teams use laser therapy. Why? Simply put, the laser expedites healing, which is what makes it so revolutionary. In the past, we could only ensure that healing happened on schedule, but we couldn’t make the tissue respond faster. The laser uses a technology

called photobiomodulation (basically a fancy word for harnessing light energy) to stimulate cell growth and healing.

It’s not hard to see why professional sports teams would want to use this technology on their athletes. When a key player goes down with an injury, the team is worse off every game without them. Getting them back as soon as possible can have a huge impact on the team’s performance that season. With so much at stake, they are going to use every safe and effective tool at their disposal to get that player back in the game. Laser therapy has quickly become one of the most important ways to rehabilitate athletes.

Ultimately, though, all the news stories and tales from the sidelines aren’t going to be as convincing as trying the laser out for yourself. Inside this

– Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz newsletter, you’ll find an insert detailing how you can try the laser for FREE and even win an entire course of treatment. If you’re ready for the future of pain management, give us a call.

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