Gamecover Seeds Handbook 2016 Email


Very fast establishment Frost tolerant Kale/mustard hybrid Similar to Utopia/Texsel Greens Best sown in June or July Can be sown into cereal stubbles Fungicide treated only Not as winter hardy as Thousand Head, Caledonian or Pinfold/ Proteor 2 kilo / acre unit Carbon Kale WH

Late sowing option Multi-level cover Winter hardy 4 kilo / acre unit Bartholomews Rescue Mix

Rescue Mix contains:- Forage rape Mustard

Tyfon Fodder radish



Interval (Rape/Kale Hybrid)

Excellent establishment and early vigour Winter hardy full season cover Fantastic fast growing rape with kale parentage Ideal replacement for kale when sown in June or July Can also be used as a pioneer or rescue crop

5 kilo packs 2 kilo / acre


NB: Due to the EU suspension on Neonicotinoids, only kale and swedes are permitted to be flea beetle treated, dressed seed.


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