Gamecover Seeds Handbook 2016 Email


Welcome to our 2016 Gamecover and Environmental Handbook.

In 2015 we saw the introduction of the new CAP Reform rules with a number of growers and landowners taking up the options of wild bird seed mixtures, pollen and nectar mixes and catch and cover crops to comply with the requirements.With the new Countryside Stewardship scheme coming into play this year we can offer a wide range of mixtures and straights which will count towards stewardship options. This handbook has been designed to help you choose the right crops for your shoot or conservation needs. We understand that each grower has different requirements from a crop, whether it be for cover, feed or environmental enhancement. The spring started off cold but the majority of crops established well last year and once again those who waited and drilled later saw the benefits. The dry summer saw some crops struggling for moisture and nutrients. The rains eventually arrived in August but inevitably this brought a lack of sunshine which some crops could have benefited from, especially maize to help ripen cobs. Every season brings its own challenges, therefore it is important to plan well in advance which types of crops you want to grow. Nutrient requirements and weed control are key factors which need to be taken into account at an early stage to ensure optimum growth. We hope you find this guide useful and informative and we look forward to hearing from you to discuss ideas and options for the coming season.


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