Gamecover Seeds Handbook 2016 Email


Wild flowers are a very important part of the countryside as they provide a rich, colourful and diverse ecological habitat for many insects and wildlife species. They also offer great aesthetic value to enhance the natural beauty of the British countryside.

Available Mixtures

We have carefully formulated our wild flower mixtures to meet a number of different soil types and habitats.

Barts Flora 1 Barts Flora 2 Barts Flora 3 Barts Flora 4 Barts Flora 5 Barts Flora 6 Barts Flora 7 Barts Flora 8 Barts Flora 9 Barts Flora 10 Barts Flora 11 Barts Flora 12 Barts Flora 110

Mix of cornfield annuals Mix for acidic soils (below pH6)

Mix for damp loamy soils Mix for calcareous soils Mix for wet loamy soils

Mix for dry, free draining loamy soils Mix for hedgerow and light shade Old English Country Meadow Mix Mix for general purpose (non-native) Mix for low maintenance landscaping including 10%Wild Flora Mix for woodland and heavy shade Mix for water margin and pond edges Mix for low maintenance landscaping including 5%Wild Flora

1 kilo for 200m 2 Made up of 80% slow growing grasses and 20% wild flower seed, unless otherwise stated

For further information, please speak to a member of the Bartholomews’ team.


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