Gamecover Seeds Handbook 2016 Email


• Soil conditions are far more important than calendar date. Crops that are drilled into unfavourable conditions, or too early, will always be at a disadvantage. Crops, such as kale, mustard, linseed etc can be at greater risk to flea beetle attack if they do not grow strong early on. Each season is individual and the correct soil temperature and conditions are vital. • Please refer to the chart overleaf for individual crops and their depths and widths. • Wherever possible/practical, the majority of crops benefit from being sown in wider, approximately 15 inch rows. Nearly all modern cereal drills are capable of doing this, by either special adapters or a simple pipe tracing and blocking exercise. Please try to do this if you can. Crops that are too thick can have lodging problems and may present other difficulties later in the season. • Ensure accurate depth. Planting an individual crop is straightforward enough, but when planting a combination of crops, maize, sorghum, millet etc, it is advisable when possible/practical to sow the maize first and then over drill the other elements. • Ensure good seed to soil contact. Try and leave a fine level and firm finish. Consolidate with ring rollers. Try not to use heavy flat rolls as they can contribute to soil erosion by increasing rainwater run-off risks. • If using pre-emergence herbicides, then a level, firm, clod-free surface is very important.


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