2020 Women's 9-Hole Booklet Working Copy

Women’s 9-Hole Golf 2020

Golf Shop 655-6022

Women’s 9-Hole Golf Officers 2020

President..........................................................Tiny Mulvena

Vice President .............................................Barbara Togman

Treasurer ....................................................... Susan DiPietro

Committee Chairs

Weekly Events ................ Roz Freeman & Becky Dickinson

Golf Book...................................................... Susan DiPietro

Newsletter ........................................................... Judy Boyle

Invitationals................................... Carla Green & Judy Orth

Twilight…............................................... Rita Kingery Cook

Hospitality..................................Karen Healy & Pat Ripsom

* * * *

Michael Shank, Director of Golf mshank@wilmingtoncc.com

Bob Lennon, Teaching Professional blennon@wilmingtoncc.com

Luke Grennan, Assistant Golf Professional 9-Hole Contact lgrennan@wilmingtoncc.com



An official handicap is established after a player posts six (6) 9-hole scores (or three 18-hole scores). There is no longer a difference between 9 and 18-hole handicaps. There are only 18-hole handicaps, and we will use half of that for our 9-hole events.

* If you do not have a handicap and would like to establish one please contact a member of the Professional Staff in the Golf Shop to register.

One of our goals as 9-Holers is to keep play moving. For most events, we will pick up once we have reached our maximum score. Exceptions to this rule will be announced prior to the event.

* Please note that the maximum score for a weekly tournament on any hole is 10. This is different than the maximum score for handicap posting (described below).

Maximum score for handicap posting is calculated as Par + 2 + Any handicap strokes received at 100%. There is no limit to how many holes this maximum score may be applied to.

For example, a player with a course handicap of 16 receives one stroke per hole on the first 16 stroke handicap holes. That player’s maximum score is triple bogey (Par + 2 + one handicap stroke) on those holes (see image on next page). For a different player who has a course handicap of 27, they receive two handicap strokes on stroke holes 1-9, and one handicap stroke on stroke holes 10-18. So, on stroke holes 1-9, their maximum score is quadruple bogey (Par + 2 + two handicap strokes), while on stroke holes 10-18 their maximum score is triple bogey (Par + 2 + one handicap stroke).

* Note: For a player submitting their first scores to obtain an initial Handicap Index, the maximum score for each hole played is limited to par + 5 strokes. Also, where a Course Handicap is calculated at more than 54 and a player receives 4 or more strokes on a hole, the maximum hole score is par + 5 for handicap purposes. ALWAYS post your scores after completing a round, no matter how well or poorly you played. When posting at the computer in the clubhouse, it will ask for hole-by-hole scores and automatically correct for your maximum score for each hole. The Professional Staff will post scores after Wednesday event rounds. An accurate handicap allows all levels of players to enjoy the sport together. Handicaps are carried over from one season to the next. Only rounds played from April 1 to November 15 in Delaware count towards your handicap. Rounds played where it is ‘active season’ (Florida, etc.) during the winter months also count. Please ask the Golf Shop any questions about posting scores. Members without handicaps may play on event days, but will not be eligible for weekly prizes until an official handicap is established.

Maximum 9-hole Course Handicap in a 9-hole weekly event is 36.


1. A sign-up sheet will be posted on the 9-Hole Board in the Locker Room, as well as online, at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled date. Members may sign-up in the Locker Room, or online through the Foretees app or Club website. 2. On the day of the event, please check in with the Golf Professional to get your scorecard and the rules for the weekly event. 3. In order to qualify for prizes for a weekly event, you must turn a signed and attested scorecard into the Golf Shop after play. 4. Eight or more players constitute an event. 5. All scheduled events will be held unless the course is officially closed or requirement 4 above is not met. 6. Winners of the weekly events will be awarded prizes from the 9-Hole Golf Committee. Prize money for individual events should depend on whether the event is an individual, partner, or foursome event. 7. All questions on rules and scoring will be answered by the Golf Shop. Questions concerning events will be answered by the Events Chairwoman. 8. Any change in weekly events must be ruled by the Events Chairman or the 9-Hole Golfers Chairwoman. 9. All “whiffs” count as strokes. 10. No “mulligans” are allowed. 11. Putts may not be conceded. Putts may not be “taken over”. 12. In a sand trap, a player may not ground the club directly in front or behind the ball, or strike the sand during a practice swing. A player may generally touch the sand to steady herself or help walk through the bunker. A player may move loose impediments within the bunker. 13. Player may ground her club, take practice swings, and remove loose impediments within a penalty area. 14. When taking relief during the play of a hole, the player is always allowed to substitute a new ball or continue play with the original ball. 15. If a player believes that their ball may be lost in an area that is not marked with yellow or red stakes, they can declare to play a “provisional ball” from the location the previous ball was hit. If the original ball is not found, the player will play from the provisional ball and add a stroke penalty for the lost ball, and a stroke for the shot made

on the provisional ball. If the original ball is found, the player may pick up the provisional ball without any penalty. 16. If ball is lost, player returns to the location where the ball was hit originally, drops a ball, and adds a stroke. 17. The penalty for playing a wrong ball is 2 strokes. Player must return the wrong ball to location from where it was mistakenly hit, then hit player’s own ball. This includes the fairway and green.


1. For each event, players will be told the maximum strokes that can be taken. Once that is reached, pick up without finishing hole and score the maximum strokes on the scorecard. Regardless, use the Equitable Stroke Control rule when posting into the computer. What you post for the tournament may not be what you post in the handicap computer. 2. Relief for 9-Hole golfers hitting into ponds on the 13th and 18th holes of the North Course and the 3rd and 5th of the South Course: If ball lands in water on first attempt, the player may drop the ball no more than 2 club lengths from other side of pond in-line which the ball entered the pond. Count the stroke into the water, plus one penalty stroke, plus a second penalty stroke for not hitting over the pond. Example: 3rd shot into water, 4th out, 5th to carry and now hitting 6th shot on other side of water. However, there is still the option of trying to go over the water, counting each stroke. Remember . . . one penalty stroke for each ball in the water AND player must use same ball hit from tee until holed out, replacing only lost balls or when taking relief. Note: Above relief rules do not apply if player is turning in a score for an 18-hole handicap. 3. A player may deem a ball unplayable and take relief anywhere on the golf course except penalty areas. The options for taking relief are as follows: a. Player may drop and play from location of the previous stroke; one stroke penalty. b. Player may drop within two club-lengths of the original ball’s location, no closer to the hole; one stroke penalty. c. Player may draw a line from the hole to where the ball is located and drop anywhere behind that point keeping this point between you and the hole; one stroke penalty.

If a player is taking relief for an unplayable ball inside a bunker, she has the additional option to drop outside of the bunker on a line going straight back from the hole through the spot of the original ball; two stroke penalty.


3-3-3: Each team consists of two player. Three holes will be played as best ball, three holes will be alternate shot and three holes will be a scramble. Partner Event. Best Ball of Four: The one best score of the four players is recorded on the scorecard. Team Event. Best 6 of 9: Each player plays nine holes and records the score on each hole. Player then selects the best six scores for the total score. Individual Event. Better Ball of Partners: Using the handicaps that are allowed, strokes are to be taken as they come on the card. The better ball on each hole is the twosome’s score. Partner Event. Fewest Putts: Only strokes taken with a putter on the putting surface (not fringe) are counted. No handicap is used. The winner is the player using fewest putts. Individual Event . Hate ‘Em: Before play begins, each participant will circle three holes on the scorecards they don’t wish to count towards their total score. Only scores from the other six holes will be used in scoring the event. Individual Event. Low Net: Player deducts full handicap from the gross score. Individual Event. Moneyball: On each hole, one team member will be designated to play the colored golf ball for the entirety of the hole. That player’s net score must count towards the team’s score. The team’s low net score on each hole will be combined with the colored ball score to determine each team’s total score. If the colored ball score is also the low net score, it may be counted twice. Team Event.

Odds and Evens: Each team consists of four players. At the start, two players will be designated for the Odd Holes and two will be designated for the Even Holes. The better ball of the responsible twosome (Odd or Even) will be posted to the score card on the appropriate holes. (Sign up in 4’s). Scramble Best of 7 of 9 Holes of Foursome: This will be a traditional scramble format, all players tee off and select the best drive. All players will hit the second shot from this point and select the best shot. This process is continued until the ball is holed. The total score will be based on the best 7 hole out of 9. Shamble: All players tee off and select the best drive. Each player will pick up and play from the location of the best tee shot, playing her own ball for the remainder of the hole. The best score of the group will be used as the team’s score for each hole. Step-Aside-Scramble: All players tee off and select the best drive. The person whose drive was selected will step-aside and all other players will hit the second shot. This process is continued until the ball is on the green. A traditional scramble will be used when the group reaches the green. Stringball: Each group will receive a length of string to be used during their nine holes. Teams may move their golf ball anytime they wish by measuring and cutting from their string. Moving the golf ball DOES NOT COUNT as a stroke. Once you have used the entire length of the string, your group is on their own. Team Event. Tee to Green: Count and record on scorecard the strokes taken from tee to the putting surface (not fringe) on each hole. Keep a record of number of putts on each hole in another column of the scorecard for purposes of recording handicap and ringers. Individual Event. Three Clubs and a Putter: Player selects only 3 clubs and plays with only these clubs and a putter. Individual Event. Traditional Scramble: All players tee off and select the best drive. All players will hit the second shot from this point and select the best shot. This process is continued until the ball is holed.

Two Person Scramble: Both players tee off and select the best drive. Both players will hit the second shot from this point and select the best shot. This process is continued until the ball is holed.

Championship Event for the Nine Hole Group

Depending on the preferences of the group, the format of Championships may be completely changed from year to year. The group will decide each year how they want to handle this event. For 2020, it has been decided that again a one round Nine Hole Championship will be held. It will be played on September 9th on the front of the North Course. Specific details will be announced.


Membership of the WCC 9-Hole Golfers in the area Round Robin Invitational (currently consisting of two other clubs) provides us the opportunity to play other area courses. A minimum of 10 players from our Club is required to host the Invitational, with a maximum of 24. Our members are encouraged to sign-up for these events so that our 9-Hole Group may continue to enjoy the privilege of playing other area courses and enjoying lunch at these clubs. Play is in foursomes; each player is matched with another player of comparable handicap. WCC members with high handicaps are especially encouraged to play! Maximum allowable handicap is 30 for these events. Maximum strokes for each hole is 10.




April 8

Optional Golf

April 15

Opening Breakfast Meeting - 9am

April 15

Golf Jeopardy with Golf Optional - Front North

April 22

Step-Aside Scramble - Back South 9am SG

April 29

Tee 3 Low Gross - Front North 9am SG (Flighted)

May 6

Scramble - Front South 9am SG

May 12

Women's Opening Cocktail Reception - 5:00pm

May 13

Hate 'Em - Back North 9am SG

May 14

Mixed Twilight Event - North 5:30pm

May 20

Shamble - Back South 9am SG

May 27

Stringball - Front North 9am SG

May 28

9-Hole/18-Hole Co-Twilight - 5:00pm

June 3

DuPont Invitational

June 7

Mixed Twilight Event - North 5:30pm

June 10

Step-Aside Scramble - Front South 9am SG Better Ball of Partners - Back North 9am SG (Pick Partner - Flighted) WCC Women's Invitational Member-Guest

June 17

June 23

June 24

Three Clubs & a Putter - Front North 9am SG

July 1

Step-Aside Scramble - Back South 9am SG

July 8

Low Gross - Front North 9am SG (Flighted)

July 15

Scramble with the Pro - Back North 9am SG

July 22

Odds & Evens - Back South 9am SG

July 23

Newark Invitational

July 23

Mixed Twilight Event - North 5:30pm

July 29

Fewest Putts - Front North 9am SG

July 29

Putting Championship - 1pm

August 5

Step-Aside Scramble - Front South 9am SG

August 6

Women's Nine Holers Twilight - 5:00pm

2020 EVENT SCHEDULE (Continued)



August 12

Best 6 of 9 - Back North 9am SG

August 19

Better Ball of Partners - Front North 9am SG

August 20

Mixed Twilight Event - South 5:30pm

August 26 Swings & Putts - Back South 9am SG September 2 Best Ball of Four - Back North 9am SG September 3 Nine Holers Couples Twilight - 5:00pm September 9 Nine Hole Club Championship - Front North Tee Times September 16 Wilmington Invitational September 23 Step-Aside Scramble - Front South 9am SG September 30 Moneyball (Colored Ball) - Back South 9am SG October 7 Scramble, Best 7 of 9 - Back North 9am SG

Step-Aside Scramble & Closing Luncheon Front North 9am SG

October 14


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