910061_SmarTemp Control fx 2.0 Reference Sheet

SmarTemp Control fx 2.0 Operating Instructions for Webasto Coolant Heaters

Operation The Webasto SmarTemp Control fx 2.0 enables you to program and operate Webasto coolant heaters to pre-heat your engine. It’s operated using a single rotary dial around the outside of the unit to scroll through menu options. Simply click the selection button (  ) to make your choice.

On/Off Button

Screw Cap

Ergonomic Comfort Dial

Day Indicator

Smart Indicator LED’s n Red for Heat Mode n Blue for Vent Mode n Blinking Red for Diagnostic Codes

Time Indicator Mode & Timer Indicators Remaining Time Indicator

Heater On Icon

Menu Select Button

Timer On Indicator

Compatibility All Coolant Heaters; the SmarTemp Control fx 2.0 has an output of 1A for the heaters ON/OFF signal. Heaters requiring a higher amperage signal will require a relay to accommodate different specifications. See electrical connections for details. Note: Relay not included.

Menu Descriptions




Two modes are possible: – Auto mode enables the pre-defined timer programs. Manual ON/OFF functionality is still possible while in this mode. – Manual Mode allows the heater to be operated via the Webasto button on the SmarTemp Control fx 2.0. While in Manual Mode, all Auto Mode functionality is permanently disabled. Note: While in manual mode the heater will continue to operate based on the pre-defined “Duration” set by the user. See “Duration” for further detail. Manual


Language changes between English, Spanish, and French.



Duration allows user to select the heater runtime of the heater. Set range is between 10 – 120 minutes selectable by 10 minute increments. Note: Duration time for all timers will default to the set duration time. User will have the ability to manually change duration for each timer. This section will log the last 5 error codes and the date that it was set. Highlight and select an error code for a full description. If the heater produces an error code, the status indicator lights will flash red and the error will display on the main screen. Error codes cannot be reset through the Webasto SmarTemp Control fx 2.0 on the heater, a Webasto PC Diagnostics tool is needed. Refer to the heater service manual for resetting an error code. Note: Diagnostics via blink code is not available on all coolant heaters. Error Codes on products with no blink code functionality can still be obtained using the PC Diagnostics test tool. Refer to the applicable service manual by visiting www.techwebasto.com for detailed PC diagnostics information.

60 minutes

Error Code

No Errors

Options  Time & Date

Advanced level adjustments; see below.

Time & Date allows user to properly set the current date and time. User also has the ability to switch between AM/PM and 24 hour format. If the 24 hour format is selected the date format will change to dd/mm/yyyy. Use the rotary knob to choose the time / date and the selection button to confirm each entry. The Webasto button can be used to go back to the previous field if additional changes are needed. AM/PM mm/dd/yyyy There are 4 heater start-up cycles possible 7 days per week. The timer is separated into to three categories. The user can select “Mon-Fri”, set each specific timer (T1 – T4) for a typical work week all at once. A weekend “Sat-Sun” can be scheduled in the same manner or a full week by using the “Mon-Sun” selection. The “custom” link allows the user to set a specific timer (T1 – T4) for each individual day. When selecting a specific timer a sub-menu will appear (Edit, Skip, and Off). To change the timer cycle, select “edit”. Changes are saved immediately. The “skip” feature allows a timer cycle to be skipped one time within a 7 day period. Timer will reactivate after this one-time skip cycle. Note: To turn a specific timer off permanently select “off”. LVD “Low Voltage Disconnect” allows the user to adjust the battery voltage level at which the Webasto SmarTemp Control fx 2.0 will shut the heater off. A warning (LED and message) will appear after 8 minutes of low voltage. The warning will remain on for 2 minutes before the heater is shut off. If battery voltage is equal to or less than the threshold selected +0.1v, the heater will not start. i.e. if an 11.5v threshold is selected the heater cannot be started until B+ has reached 11.7v.

 Timer


11.4v 24.2v

12 volt - Range between 11v – 12.5v 24 volt - Range between 21v – 25.5v

Default allows the user to perform a reset to all default values. Note: A power loss will not reset user programmed values. N/A

 Default

 Password A password can be set to prevent access to the advanced “Options” menu. Enter a 4 digit code passcode to begin securing the Options menu. Note: This is typically used in fleet vehicle applications. OFF Hour Meter The hour meter logs the operating hours of an active ON signal to the heater. This does not reflect the true runtime of the heater itself. Note: For warranty purposes a diagnostic printout is still required where applicable. This hour meter is for reference only! N/A SW Version This displays the firmware version of the Webasto SmarTemp Control fx 2.0. Installed Version Back Select this to return to the previous screen. N/A IMPORTANT - The Red status indicators (heater “ON”) and LCD screen backlight turn off after 30 seconds. A touch of any button or a turn of the rotary knob will re-activate these lights. If the “Webasto” button is used to re-activate these lights, an additional press of this button is necessary to turn the heater off. Note that when the heater is “ON” the display is active.

LCD Screen Symbol Legend Mode (Auto or Manual)

Auto Mode

Manual Mode

Current Day

Current Day

Current Day




Current Time Heater ON

Current Time Heater ON

8:15 AM

8:15 AM

8:15 AM

Auto Mode Timer Active

Day and Time

Manual Mode

Manual or Auto

Auto T2 ON

Manual ON



Auto or Manual Mode NOTE: When Auto is visible, timers are enabled

Runtime Remaining

Runtime Remaining

Scan for interactive demo

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