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The “gig economy” has slowly been gaining prominence among American workers. Late last year, the Freelancers Union released results of a study showing that 36 percent of the American workforce operates in a freelance capacity. Since 2014, the freelance market has grown three times faster than the overall workforce. Businesses are outsourcing specialized tasks to independent workers, which creates incredible opportunities. If you’re looking to start a side hustle, here are three essentials for conquering the freelance market. Commitment Since freelance work is done outside your regular working hours, it requires an additional level of dedication to follow through with your tasks. It’s important to block out defined hours specifically for working on your side gigs and keep those consistent. Many independent workers who have children or are involved in active social groups can find it challenging to prioritize freelance work. Try How to Start Your Side Hustle

treating your personal projects like your job. When you arrive home, approach your freelance work as if it is your business — because it is.

Tools Every business needs marketing and sales to grow. Your side hustle is no different. It takes an active focus on best practices to find not just any client, but the right client. While sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and TaskRabbit can provide excellent avenues for you to contract work, you need to establish a client base of your own in order to be an effective freelancer. The only way to do this is by promoting yourself using marketing tools like social media, email, mailers, event promotions, and postings. Passion There will be times when your freelance work feels like more than you can handle. When that happens, only your passion will get you through. Don’t take work you aren’t especially excited about. ANESTHESIOLOGIST, BUSINESS MOGUL, AND FINANCIAL EXPERT and his book “Make It, Keep It” compile all he’s learned throughout the years, making them the perfect resource for anyone looking to take the reins on their financial future. If you’re looking to invest in Texas real estate, check out his company at — you can’t go wrong with his expert guidance. Amir was first brought to the Gibson Law Group back in 2008, when a commercial real estate deal he was working on started getting a little dicey. “David was recommended to me by a friend, and immediately, he was easy to approach, easy to get ahold of, and consistently professional,” Amir says. “In those rare moments when there’s something he’s not an expert in, he doesn’t hesitate to refer me to someone who is. He’s always looking out for my best interests.” It’s been fantastic working with Amir, watching as his many business ventures expand and flourish. If you’re in need of expert financial and investment advice, there’s no one better to have in your corner. Meet Dr. Amir Baluch

Growing up, Dr. Amir Baluch always knew he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps in the medical field. But there was one aspect of his father’s life that he definitely didn’t want to mirror: his finances. Though his dad was a successful physician, constantly working hard and making good money, he struggled to put it all together into a cohesive financial plan. After a couple of bad investments, he was forced to go bankrupt when Amir was only 21 years old. He sold off 10 cars and four homes and moved into a one-bedroom apartment. Amir was grateful for everything his parents had done to give him the best start in life, but in the wake of this event, he decided that he would learn all he could about the financial field and take control of his investment destiny. Today, Dr. Amir is something of a Renaissance man around Dallas. Aside from his career as an anesthesiologist, he’s passionate about equipping his fellow physicians and other clients with the tools to invest in real estate and other alternative asset classes, and to develop sound financial management skills. His website



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