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The big insurance agencies aren’t known for the training they give their salespeople. For them, training may consist of a few sales classes or seminars. There isn’t any consistency. Instead, they simply hope their salespeople are successful. And some of these salespeople will be successful. They’ll become real producers. But most of them won’t. The majority will flounder until they eventually quit or get fired. Then the agency will hire a new salesperson to take their place, give them the same inconsistent training, and start the cycle all over again. This is the old-world way of training. It’s not going to get you the results you want. If you, as an agency leader, want your salespeople to be successful, you can’t just send them to a few sales classes or training seminars and hope for the best. If you have kids who are getting into sports, as parents, you want to see them succeed and enjoy what they’re doing. But when your kids want to learn how to play well, you can’t just send them to a day camp and hope for the best. That’s not going to get them anywhere. They need consistent training and coaching to develop their skills and understanding of the game, regardless of which game it is. Through training, coaching, and a lot of practice, they may become confident players. It may even earn them a college scholarship.

But training and coaching requires major effort on the part of the agency

owner, along with their sales leader. Your salespeople need support and guidance in order to become more confident players.

A lot of it comes down to motivation. They need to know what’s at stake for themselves and their future. Your very successful producers, for the most part, are self-motivated, but most salespeople are not. The producers who are self-motivated tend to also be the most confident, and it shows. They have the numbers to prove it. When they’re selling, they know what to do and how to do it. How did they become confident producers? Practice. Practice. Practice. Confidence is a feeling. It’s the feeling you have when you bring together knowledge (the “what”) with skill (the “how”). High- producing salespeople have these two attributes, and they’re attributes the rest of your sales staff also need in order to succeed. You build this confidence through training and practice. You work through the sales process and you roleplay on a consistent basis. This repetition helps build confidence. Confidence leads to success, which leads to growth.

Again, your salespeople need your support. If an agency owner doesn’t take responsibility and control over their less-confident producers, the results will speak for themselves. You’ll have a mediocre agency. A lot of agency owners don’t have a system in place. They don’t have a plan to train their salespeople and give them the practice they need to build confidence. They certainly don’t know what to train on. They may send their salespeople to a few classes, but they won’t get the results they want. And that’s what the iWin Agency Growth System helps agency owners overcome. It gives them that system. It gives them a plan to train their salespeople and helps them motivate their producers to ultimately achieve the results they’re looking for. Your first step in putting this plan in place is to give us a call.

– Randy Schwantz

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