Flower's House Booklet 2022

Health & Wellbeing

Health Centre The Health Centre plays an important role in the life of Christ’s College and is staffed by two registered nurses. They provide professional as well as personal care and support for all boys. When appropriate, the boys are encouraged to be self-caring and proactive in relation to their healthcare needs. The Health Centre is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 8am–4pm and Wednesday 8am–5pm. The Health Centre nurses are contactable via the below. Phone: +64 3 364 8601 or +64 27 500 3357 Email: healthcentre@christscollege.com College has a visiting physiotherapist and Health Centre staff or Matron can organise an appointment. All medical matters, including sports injuries, are the concern of Matron. When she feels it necessary, she refers students to the doctor. Matron may accompany a student to the appointment, particularly younger boys. After hours, Matron takes students to the 24 Hour Surgery in Madras Street, or, if appropriate, to Christchurch Public Hospital. Boarders are not to put themselves to bed in the House during school hours. They must report to the Health Centre. At other times if a boarder feels unwell he must communicate with Matron or the Master on Duty.

We ask that you keep the Matron informed of any changes in your son’s healthcare needs. She is more than happy to answer any of your concerns or queries while your son is boarding at Christ’s College, so please feel free to contact her. Medication/Appointments To assist boarding staff with regard to management of medication or appointments, please note: Medication – All medication your son needs to take should be stored with his House Matron, so she is aware of what he is taking and the correct dosage, and the medication is kept safe. This includes Panadol, Ibuprofen, antihistamines and the like. Please also make the Matron aware if your son carries an inhaler, EpiPen or the like – there is a Google form you will need to complete. Appointments – Please communicate with your House Matron well in advance of any appointments you may have organised for your son – for example, orthodontist, physiotherapist, specialist. While we appreciate your communication on these matters, we also expect your son to take responsibility for communicating with his Housemaster or Matron well in advance of any appointments or activities that may take him away from College.

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