Flower's House Booklet 2022

Dress Code


Boys should change into casual clothes at the end of each school day if they do not have a College-related activity, sports training or game. Boys may wear casual clothes around the boarding House and College community, including the Dining Hall, and during certain examination periods. Footwear must be worn when outside the buildings. Neat and clean casual clothes may be worn in the Dining Hall for evening meals. Footwear is necessary. Dirty sports gear, caps and singlets are not permitted in the Dining Hall. Residential dinners and special dinners with visiting girls’ schools require a special effort with dress. On these occasions, boys are asked to wear long trousers, a collared shirt and closed footwear. Boys are also asked to make a special effort with their grooming.

It is expected that all boys will be dressed in clean and neat attire at all times. In terms of clothes being cleaned, it is a combination of boys putting clothes out to go to the commercial laundry and also doing their own personal laundry. School shirts, socks, underwear, towels and College sports gear all go out to the commercial laundry. It is the responsibility of the boys to use the washing machines and dryers in their respective Houses to wash any other casual clothing. Naming of clothes To assist Matrons with the organisation of clean laundry and to prevent loss of clothes, all clothing must be correctly named. Name tags are the best method and can be ordered through the Uniform Shop. Please refer to the Uniform Shop pages on the website for the suggested list of clothing. Other points to note – Dry cleaning is done as necessary and arranged by Matron – A bed is made up with a sheet, a mattress protector, a pillow and pillowcase. Boys bring their own duvet inner and two covers. The duvet covers must be named – Sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers are washed through the commercial laundry – A qualified seamstress is available once a week in each House to repair and name uniforms and casual clothing.


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