Flower's House Booklet 2022

Homework (Prep)


Homework is referred to as Prep. Prep time for all students is 7.30pm–8pm (Monday to Thursday) and 6.30–7.30pm on a Friday. Only academically related work can be done during these times. If boys complete their set work early, they are asked to read a book until the conclusion of Prep. There is strictly no gaming, email, instant messaging or phone calls during Prep time. We ask parents to help support the academic rigour of the study periods by contacting their son outside of these study times. This supports the programme and provides the ideal learning environment for your son.

Chapel is a central part of College life. Boys are required to attend services on Monday and Friday before classes, congregational practice on Wednesdays, and two evening (7pm) Sunday Chapel services each term. The boys attend these services in dress uniform. When attending these services, they should be back in the House and changed by 6.30pm. All services are listed in the College calendar or on the College website. Parents are welcome to attend any Sunday Chapel service. Boys who have a regular commitment in their parish church can apply for the chapel requirement to be halved. A letter from the priest or minister is required and will be forwarded to the Chaplain.


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