Flower's House Booklet 2022

Welcome to Flower’s House

I look forward to meeting you all and making 2022 an unforgettable year. This booklet will answer questions you may have about the House system at College and Flower’s House in particular.

The History of Flower’s House In 1910, AE Flower became the first Housemaster of Flower’s House. The original Flower’s House was situated in the eastern end of what was then known as the Headmaster’s House (built in 1868). The boys occupied the western end. Downstairs facing the river was the boys’ dining room, which catered for 40 boys, and their dormitories were upstairs. A very large kitchen served both the Flower family and the boys. The Board had hoped to build a new boarding house inside The Quadrangle, but circumstances were against them and instead the new house was built in Rolleston Avenue and completed in 1918. This building was demolished in 2004 and the new Flower’s House was completed in September 2005. It was officially opened on 25 October 2005 by Air Vice Marshall Hamilton (a Flower’s House Old Boy).

In Flower’s House we are proud of the strong sense of community that exists between boys, staff and families. This bond is invaluable in creating a sense of belonging and worth which in turn strongly influences attitudes to all strands of College life. Parents are welcome at all times and are actively encouraged to attend College and House events. These are published in advance and can be found in the school calendar at www.christscollege.com. – Lionel Randall, Housemaster


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