Francetic Tax Resolution LLC - October 2021


Fall brings apple cider, pumpkin patches, fun seasonal outfits, and corn mazes. Unless you are visiting a “haunted” corn maze, you and your family probably won’t be chased by a chainsaw-wielding serial killer while you try to navigate through. However, safety risks are still present. Here are five safety tips to keep the fun coming during your next corn maze experience. Follow the rules. At the entrance to each corn maze, there should be a sign stating the rules for visitors. For the safety of yourself, your children, and others, be sure to read each rule and follow along. Always accompany your kids in the corn maze — it is a maze, after all! Watch for tripping and fire hazards. Keep your eyes peeled for any obstacles on the path, including holes, bumps, ruts, and corn stalks. While navigating a maze, it can be easy to forget to look down while searching for the exit. To prevent fires, you should also avoid smoking and never use matches or lighters.

3. Don’t volunteer information. It’s tempting to give the IRS every document you have to prove that you have nothing to hide. But that won’t help you survive the audit process. Instead, just give the IRS exactly what they ask for — nothing more, nothing less. 5 TIPS FOR 4. Keep your original documents. Never, ever give your original documents to an IRS agent for longer than it would take them to make a photocopy. If you do, they might lose them! IRS agents make mistakes, but they’re protected from responsibility. To keep your documents safe, give the agent copies whenever possible. 5. Hire a professional negotiator. The IRS almost never wraps up an audit without finding something in its favor, but you can negotiate any tax issues it discovers. It’s best to hire a professional like me to do this because I know your rights as a taxpayer and understand complicated IRS procedures. Wear proper footwear. Ensure that you and your family all have proper footwear, preferably closed- toed shoes, while exploring the maze. You never know what kind of critters or potentially harmful hazards may appear in your path. Eat beforehand and stay hydrated. Be sure to eat before setting out into the maze and don’t bring any glass bottles with you, as it can be dangerous if broken. Furthermore, do not consume alcohol before or while enjoying your time at the corn maze. Be prepared. Accidents can happen, usually at the most unexpected times! It is important to always have a first-aid kit handy. Be sure to call 911 in an emergency and let staff know what is going on. As long as safety is the top priority this fall, fun will be had by all! There’s No Need to Fear the IRS! SURVIVING AN AUDIT

Halloween is coming up, so let’s talk about one of the scariest sentences in the English language: “You’ve been selected for an IRS audit.” No one looks forward to being audited. But for gig workers, contractors, and business owners, the process can be a real nightmare. Even if you think all of your documents are in order, you’ll probably still find yourself sweating nervously under the eye of the IRS. The good news is that you have me on your side. I’ve helped clients through hundreds of IRS audits over the years, and I know exactly what you should do to get the best possible outcome. Here are five of my best tips for surviving an audit. 1. Stick to your notice deadline. When your audit notice comes in the mail, you should have 30 days to respond to it. Don’t miss that deadline. If you do, you’ll start your audit off on the wrong foot and likely be penalized with a bigger tax bill.

2. Request more time if you need it. You can ask for an extension to get your paperwork in order. This is the best thing to do if you aren’t ready.

I’d love to negotiate for you and can even help you appeal your results. If you or someone you know is facing a scary audit, call me to take the fear away!



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