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making sure everyone packed the essentials. Also, waking the kids up super early for travel can be difficult, and nobody wants grumpy children. TIME IS YOUR FRIEND When putting together a vacation itinerary, allow for lots of extra time in between events. The one thing about kids is that you never know when someone will need to use the bathroom, be sick, throw a tantrum, or need your assistance. Everything takes longer with kiddos! You can even set a false deadline for when you want to leave the house to ensure you get out on time. CHARGE UP Make sure all of your electronic devices are charged up well before you leave. You should also have some games and movies downloaded to entertain your children in the car or airplane. Even though most airlines have TVs, it’s better to always be prepared — and don’t forget the headphones! HAVE A QUALITY STROLLER You won’t understand how helpful it is to have a good, quality stroller along with you on vacation until you have one. If you are visiting a theme park or other outdoor area or sightseeing on foot, you’ll thank yourself later for bringing along a lightweight, foldable, and reliable stroller. BRING THE SNACKS Nothing is worse than hungry, cranky kids! Before your trip, it’s a good idea to take the kids along with you to the store to pick out an abundance of their favorite snacks — this adds a level of excitement for them too! Going out of town with kids is never an easy feat, but these tips can help create a trip to remember this holiday season! Bon voyage!

Traveling With Kids Made Easy BON VOYAGE!

The holidays are here, and that calls for some cheer! However, traveling with your kids can be a hassle, especially while trying to remain healthy and safe! Getting out of town should be fun and exciting, so here are some tips to make traveling a little easier and less anxiety-inducing. Unruly kids don’t stand a chance with these tricks! DEPARTURE MATTERS Aim for late morning or early afternoon when booking f lights or deciding what time to hit the road. The last thing you want is the added stress of being late or hitting rush-hour traffic when you’re already worrying about

Substance Abuse Its Effects on Marriage — And Divorce

Parental addiction also takes a toll on children. In addition to the effects of abuse, parents can frighten their children through unpredictable behavior, substance-abusing friends, or drug paraphernalia. People in the throes of addiction also often exhibit poor judgment and may place children in danger by either leaving them unsupervised or driving them while under the inf luence. When a spouse is battling addiction, most women’s first instinct is to help them overcome their substance abuse. Unfortunately, treatment may prove unsuccessful or be outright refused. Even in the event that the addicted spouse gets sober, the rifts caused by addiction may be too much for a marriage to bear. Especially if abuse was involved, it’s natural to want out of the relationship. If your spouse is a substance abuser and you’ve decided to divorce, it’s essential to have a good lawyer on your side. Substance abuse in a marriage has the ability to affect not only custody of your children but also the division of assets and allocation of alimony. Florida Women’s Law Group can help you have the cleanest break possible. Call us today for help restoring normalcy to your lives.

Substance abuse is a growing concern, with 13% of Americans reporting that they’ve either started or increased alcohol or drug use during the pandemic. When someone forms an addiction, it’s bad not only for their health and well-being but also for their marriage and family.

Financial problems are one of the top causes of strife within a marriage, as well as a common cause of divorce. If one partner is a substance abuser, those concerns only grow. People with addictions may lie, steal, or misuse family resources to pay for their substance of choice. They may also have difficulty holding down a job due to unreliability or erratic behavior.

Worse still, some people with addictions will turn violent — over 75% of domestic abuse instances are

related to the use of drugs and alcohol. In some cases, even a person who was mild-mannered and non-violent prior to their addiction can lose control of their inhibitions and begin abusing their spouse, kids, or pets.

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