KB 25 High Performance Teams

IssueNo 25 | AUGUST 2010

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HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS ISSUE - RamanTSK accentuates the importance of building, nurturing and sustaining‘High PerformanceTeams’to stay ahead of competition - Professor Jayraman confers the idea of gaining competitive advantage by building high performance organizations - Samrat Dasgupta talks about how employee participation in performancemanagement triggers superior organizational performance - Niket Karajagi opines on‘Managing Employee Performance’ - Rajat Gupta gives insights on‘Managing Performance’,the workshopway Deeksha Jawa, Head – Project Management, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, is a post graduate in Management HR and Green Belt in Six Sigma with a background in Psychology.She has a passion for behavioural sciences and combines her knowledge of psychometric testing with her management expertise to manage projects end to end and design & develop workshopsinordertomeetthechangingneedsofbusinesses. Your employees are an integral and indispensable part of running your business smoothly and efficiently. That's why, keeping in mind the crucial role of your employees, a recent trend known as Performance Management has come into practice. Using performance management, you can ensure that your employees not only fulfill their responsibilities, but do so to the best of their abilities and up to your expectations. This edition uncovers the secrets of effective performance management and gives guidelines to be followed in order to keep a track of performance displayed by employees. It gives tips on how to do regular reviews and feedbacks to keep a tap on how your people are performing and set new goals. It talks about the importance of building high performing teams and organizations and how leaders should go about building such effective teams. It also gives insights into how involving employees in performance management can play a crucial role in effective performance management. Write to us For information: info@atyaasaa.com For contributing articles: atyaasaaeditor@atyaasaa.com For suggestions: feedback@atyaasaa.com Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited is a leading Human Resource Training & Consulting Organization partnering with some of the best brands in the country and overseas. Atyaasaa has been a catalyst & a contributor in their quest for people development and business excellence.The core differentiator of Atyaasaa process is continual innovation, unique customization and use of state of the art technology tools implemented through ethical and e x p e r i e n c e d operations and human resource facilitators having contribution as their core value. THE EDITOR’S COLUMN Deeksha Jawa

Raman TSK has a very modest but impressive 36+ years of winning experience inmanagement activities, of which a bulk of 22 years are in IT (Satyam, SEEC and now with Polaris as HR Director), industry in HR and the balance 12 years in manufacturing and a short period of 2 in Advertising. He is aMBA fromOsmania Univeristy and has workedmostly with the top management CEO’s and CMD's for well over two decades. His proficiency and experience in management and specialized functioning makes him a very good Coach, Mentor, Coordinator, and Facilitator.

Building a high performing team is a key part of managing an organization and finally it is the role of a manager to execute the plan.

High performing comes from two distinct elements, high performing individual teammembers,and a team that is moving towards the stage of ‘High Performance’. An effective manager is one who works one to one to improve individual performance, and works actively to develop his or her team through the stages of team development. continued to next page >>

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