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issue no 25 | august 2010

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‰ Differential salaries based on performance surely help. Let salary be split into a fixed and a variable component.Variables for performance must be more than adequate. After all performance must be well rewarded. ‰ Weed out your bottom performers. This will help competencies mature in your organization. If the competencies evolve your best of today may be the average performer tomorrow. But that is the truth of performance. If people do not scale up they will be obsolete. Jobs must be rotated in line with competencies displayed.

‰ Lastly and the most importantly retain only the ones who have a good value system. Nurture them and develop them. Get rid of people who compromise on values even if they are performers. Clean your organization of political enthusiasts. We are now a part of a global economy. Only the best will sustain. Manage your employee performance effectively and reap rich dividends

Rajat Gupta Senior Executive - Training, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, is post graduate in Management HR and Masters in Labour Laws & Labour Welfare with a background in Business Administration. He loves to follow his passion for bringing a creative edge to the designing of training programmes. He also believes in the mantra of exploring through continuous learning. THEMIS - PRACTICING FAIR APPRAISALS THE WORKSHOP WAY Rajat Gupta skills by understanding the competency grid of the organization and importance of managing performance based on it. It would make the managers aware of how Situational Leadership Model can be effectively used for performance management. Managers would also learn how bell curve is the best suited method for managing performance and how they can apply this curve in their organization. In the end, the workshop would help managers in developing and implementing a fair performance appraisal system in the organization.Learning in the workshop would be facilitated by case studies on bell curve & performance appraisal, PMS models and multimedia on performance appraisal TOOLKIT An organisation should invest in the following toolkit for effective Performance Management. ‰ A sound HR system ‰ Competency grid of the organisation ‰ Goal setting and performance measurement tools ‰ 360 degree feedbacks

THEMIS, according to Greek Mythology is God of Justice. Atyaasaa through its effective training program strives to develop a fair performance appraisal system in the organization, which will add to the performance of the company. ABOUT THEMIS The organization’s performance depends upon the performance of its employees. A performance appraisal system is an effective tool of improving performance and productivity and development of employees by motivating them. It verifies whether the efforts made by employees are going in the right direction or not. THEMIS evolves as a device to imbibe competency of a fair appraisal among the managers, which is must for managing human resource & performance of the organization. This performance management system workshop imbibes the competency of effective performance management amongst managers, which is a must for managing performance of the human resource and of the organization. This one day workshop begins with basic introduction, purpose and ingredients of effective performance management. Workshop would help the managers to learn performance management

‰ Performance appraisals – self and managers ‰ Frequent review and feedback mechanisms

BEAN STATEMENT "High per formance organizations focus on productivity enhancement at individual level ”

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