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July 2019

The Fourth of July My Family’s Tradition for Over 40 Years

My family has a tradition of celebrating the Fourth of July on Cape Cod. My parents, brothers, and I were born in Rhode Island and every year, even after we moved to Texas, we would travel to Cape Cod to enjoy the festivities. I’ve been going there ever since for over 40 years, and I can say that there’s nowhere else like it. When I was growing up, there was always plenty for everyone to do. All of the activities were family-friendly, including the band that played at the park while all the kids danced around and just had fun. There were baseball games and festivals that we could enjoy, where we ate hot dogs and watched a few games while we waited for the fireworks to begin. The locals always got together to put on a huge parade through the town, complete with floats and marching bands. It was a typical, old- fashioned, family-fun place to be for the Fourth. Once my kids were older, we continued the tradition of traveling to Cape Cod to celebrate the Fourth. My brother and sister also starting bringing their kids along, and soon, we had the whole family traveling, meeting up, and enjoying the same festivities we did as children. difficult at times, especially when trying to work around everyone’s schedules. It wasn’t always guaranteed that we could all get the week off to travel. I also started thinking that whenever we did get the time off, we were going to the same place year after year. I decided to branch out and take my kids to places they’ve never been before to give them new experiences. We did this up until about five years ago. Trying to get everyone together once a year was

In the five years since, we’ve been traveling to different states and cities, sometimes to celebrate the Fourth and other times for family vacations. Last year, our family went to Hawaii around the Fourth, which was quite an experience for all of us, but this year, I think we’re planning on staying home. As many of you might know, Fort Worth has a large firework display they do every year, and we want to catch it this time. I think the most important thing about these trips and gatherings is creating family traditions. No matter where you or your family are, having a tradition that the whole family

can do together is essential. It’s something that you can grow up with and pass down to your kids, lasting lifetimes and giving your family something in common for everyone to enjoy and cherish. Whether you’re celebrating a family tradition or creating a new one this year, I hope your Fourth of July is memorable.

-Les lie Thomas | 1

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