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March 2017 Did You Know That You Can Walk Again Without Back Pain? Your ability to walk is an amazing and very complicated system of muscles, nerves, and joints working in harmony. If you suffer from back, hip, knee, or leg pain, the normal movement of this complicated system has been affected in one way or another. Knee and Hip Pain Knee or hip pain can occur for many reasons, but it is due to a mechanical problem, meaning that the joint andmuscles supporting it are not functioning properly. Even though a person has arthritis in their joint, it doesn’t mean that they will have pain from it. Only when the joint doesn’t move properly and pressures increase above normal, does pain and inflammation begin. Many knee problems come from poor tracking of the kneecap. The kneecap has to move up and down in the groove of the femur bone when you bend your knee. The kneecap gets its cushioning and support from fat pads that sit right underneath it. When the tissue around the kneecap becomes tighter, the kneecap presses into the fat pads, making them irritated and thicker over time. This affects the normal flow of joint fluid around the inside of the knee, drying out the lubrication of the knee over time, causing a downward spiral of friction and pain.


An easy way to relieve knee pain is to actually ensure that normal kneecap motion is restored. Our physical therapy experts evaluate the true cause of your knee pain, treat the movement problem, and restore the normal strength around the knee. We have years of training to analyze the movement of your body and pinpoint the source of your problem. This allows for accurate treatment without the need for elaborate and expensive testing. Ultimately, your knee pain will be relieved quickly and your ability to walk, run and squat restored! In addition, we work closely with your physician and if you have had surgery, help you have a fast recovery. A Simple Solution To Knee Pain

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Why You Need To Come In For Another Check-Up: 9 Sit for long periods comfortably 9 Walk for long distances 9 Live an active and healthy lifestyle Take Care of Your Aches and Pains. Before It’s Too Late. 9 Move without pain 9 Bend and move freely 9 Balance confidently and securely

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Are You Over The Age of 31? Do You Suffer With Any of The Following Symptoms?

• Pain while kneeling or squatting • Soreness after walking • Difficulty standing for > 20 mins • Pain when trying to sleep • Pain when driving > 30 mins • Difficulty walking or running

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An Easy At-Home Exercise To Zap Knee Pain

HAMSTRING STRETCH While sitting, tighten your top thigh muscle to press the back of your knee downward towards the ground. Hold for 10 seconds and then repeat 6 times on both legs.

Patient Results

I got my life back!

“I had a Total Knee Replacement in mid July and my recovery was less than stellar. There was a pinched nerve, an allergic reaction to one of the medications I was taking, and then major digestive issues, which caused me to lose 15 pounds in less than two weeks. I did not handle these issues very well. I arrived at Ramsey Rehab about six weeks after surgery a little depressed. But they would have none of it. They pushed me to my limit each time I showed up, all the while encouraging me in my progress, even when there was very little progress to be seen from session to session. It took

me a while to catch on (it seems I was a very slow learner where my recovery was concerned) but once I finally learned to communicate accurately what was actually going on with my knee, and also my whole body, my progress picked up speed. While I am still not where I think I should be (the surgeon keeps telling me to give it a year!) I have come a long way since my first days at Ramsey, and can now at least begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will forever be grateful to Jaylin, Tina, and Jon for giving me back my life. Thank you!” Pat B.

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