Wavestone Emergency Kit

We at Wavestone are committed to being by your side to overcome difficulties and find new paths. #weatherthestorm #ThePositiveWay Learn more at wavestone.us or give us a call at (610) 854-2700 to speak to our experts.


Jeff Vail | CEO jeff.vail@wavestone.com

Jeff Romano | VP Consulting jeff.romano@wavestone.com David Endicott | Managing Director david.endicott@wavestone.com Craig MacGibbon | Managing Director craig.macgibbon@wavestone.com Doug Smith | Managing Director doug.smith@wavestone.com Keith Chappell | Practice Partner keith.chappell@wavestone.com John Webber | Practice Partner john.webber@wavestone.com Mike Abramovich | Principal mike.abramovich@wavestone.com Michael Montonen | Principal michael.montonen@wavestone.com Kerrye Wasserman | Principal kerrye.wasserman@wavestone.com Anthony Boldt | Principal anthony.boldt@wavestone.com

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