Wavestone Emergency Kit


/ Employees should be accessing your organization’s network and software-as-a-service resources they need via a virtual private network (VPN) — IPsec or SSTP. / Ensure that you have enough licenses to accommodate simultaneous connections. / Overcommunicate that confidential info should not be stored on non-sanctioned storage drives.

Secure Remote Access

Offering free full access to its Zero Trust Remote Access platform for new customers. The platform enables workers and third parties to remotely access on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud applications, and servers without VPNs. For a limited time only.

Banyan Zero Trust Security Platform

BeyondTrust is offering 90 days free use of its Secure Remote Access Solutions. / Remote Support: Secure, reliable remote support to end-users and customers on or off your network. / Privileged Remote Access: Gives employees, vendors, and admins secure remote access to desktops and systems, without a VPN.

Full Remote Support and Privileged Remote Access Solution

This program is designed to help customers alleviate the concerns associated with licensing a surging number of new systems being deployed for use by remote workers. This program is particularly vital because these systems may only be needed for a short period of time. Details: / Enables rapid deployment of new systems without being hindered by your customer’s existing license count. / Extends existing product suite across corporate-owned devices by 10% or up to 10,000 systems (whichever is less). / Available to all current CrowdStrike customers during the program period.

Burst Licensing Program for remote users on corporate owned PCs

Free until May 16, 2020



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