Wavestone Emergency Kit

This home-use program provides organizations with an option to secure employees’ home Windows devices, leveraging CrowdStrike’s cloud-native Falcon platform and lightweight agent. Details: / Ensures your customer’s organizations have a low-cost option for securing employees’ home PCs without impacting performance. / Special program provides endpoint protection for up to 50,000 employee-owned Windows PCs. / Available to all current CrowdStrike customers during the program period. / After May 16, customers will have the option to continue using Falcon Prevent for Home Use to protect their employee’s personally owned devices. / Free External Vulnerability Scan: Identify unknown vulnerabilities in critical business systems that may have resulted from changes or additions to your network. / Free Phishing Awareness Campaign for up to 250 users: Many employees not accustomed to working remotely will be receiving seemingly real email requests looking to exploit your business. These attacks can be the root cause of ransomware and other problems that can shut down your company. / Free Firewall Monitoring and Management for 30 days: Help with firewall audits, rule reviews and changes while providing monitoring and management. / Free O365 Cybersecurity Monitoring for 30 days: Many businesses have adopted O365 as an important remote collaboration solution. Cybersecurity monitoring O365 can be a challenge for many businesses. Foresite will monitor the security for your O365 deployment ensuring you are off to a safe start. / Free Vulnerability Patch Management Assessment: Foresite can provide deep insight into critical missing patches, asset inventory, and software installed on your endpoints. Okta is offering Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for 5 apps for free for six months to Okta Identity Cloud enterprise clients. Details: / Reliable integration for SSO to your critical resources, with a full- featured federation engine and flexible access policy. / Access to over 6,500 pre-integrated apps. / Okta Verify (OTP) mobile authenticator for secure MFA. / SSO and MFA for VPN to enable secure remote access.

Falcon Prevent for Home Use for remote users on employee- owned PCs

Free until May 16, 2020

ProVision Managed Security Services Platform

Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)



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