Wavestone Emergency Kit


Cloud services are imperative when on-site skills and capacity are limited. This isn’t a short-term fix—it’s a long-term mitigation strategy that ensures your burst capacity and remote support capability can be configured, operated, and managed in a lights-out fashion. Going all-in on the cloud isn’t required, but you can take a hybrid approach to supplement a legacy infrastructure.

Good for up to 1,000 devices.


Extension available if needed.


/ Commvault uses Azure so backup infrastructure and backup storage is free.

Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery

Free until Sept 1, 2020

/ Rackspace is setting aside $1 million in free OpenStack Public Cloud hosting resources over the next 6 months for organizations participating in COVID-19 relief efforts. / Current Rackspace customers can now add Microsoft Teams to their Office 365 account for free for six months. / VMware Cloud on AWS hosts, 30% off for on-demand subscription purchase for up to 12 months and 30% off for one-year subscription purchase. Business continuity solutions for VMware Cloud on AWS: https://pathfinder. vmware.com/path/vmcbc . / Extended Horizon and Workspace ONE free trials to 90 days and 100 users/devices. Monthly on-premise term SKUs for Horizon 7 and Workspace ONE to allow short- term capacity increases. Special pricing for Workspace One and Horizon licenses. / Free trial for up to 100 VMware SD-WAN Edge 510/Edge 510-LTE for 90 days with Horizon or VMC on AWS. / Free trial for up to 50 VMware SD-WAN Edge 510/Edge 510-LTE for up to 60 days.

Rackspace COVID-19 Response Solution Options

Hybrid Cloud Solutions


Virtual Desktops/ Device Management SD WAN Networking Solutions These trials include hosted VMware SD-WAN Orchestrator, hosted VMware SD-WAN Gateway, three hours of professional service for existing customers, or six hours for new customers





Free trial offers until July 31, 2020



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