COASTE - Summer 2018


NEW AND IMPROVED It’s long been a cliché in the world of advertising that if you simply add the words “new” or “improved” to any headline, odds are you’ll see better return for your ad dollars. Having some 30 years experience in the industry, I can tell you that’s clearly a hit or miss proposition for more reasons than anyone cares to read. Still, new and improved quite aptly describes the Summer edition of COASTE that you’re holding in your hands, or viewing on a screen. What’s new, of course, are all the images, text and cool content we’ve jammed into our exciting and fun-to-read Summer issue — from a 14-year old bluesman, to our guide to Southwest Florida beach fun, to three months worth of events, attractions and myriad other things to see and do. What’s improved is our direction, as we continue to evolve

COASTE into a magazine and multi-media experience that embraces more diverse news, features and genres — including the newly-named FOLIO , which will bring you a more experiential interaction with the arts, as our first installment delves into the fine art of fiction via a short story (part of an anthology in the works) by yours truly. For our advertisers, there’s also a whole list of new and improved opportunities to deliver your important messages to our passionate followers (including 30,000 new Southwest Florida lovers), but I’ll leave the sales pitch to the sales people (contact info in our masthead). Welcome to our COASTE , summer style. Enjoy every page.

John Sprecher Founder | Editor


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