COASTE - Summer 2018

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June-August Community Events



Art Walk | June-August First Fridays of each month from 6pm- 10pm art fans can enjoy an evening of arts, openings and more! Over 11 art galleries invite locals and visitors to a self-guided tour throughout the Downtown Fort Myers River District and Gardener’s Park area. Art enthusiasts can even meet the artists at most of the galleries and enjoy live art demonstrations!

Music Walk | June-August On the third Friday of every month from 6pm-10pm, the Downtown Fort Myers River District comes alive with local music! Numerous participating venues feature live music by local and regional talent. Restaurants, bars, art galleries and shops also showcase a wide range of music during the monthly Music Walk. Featuring jazz, blues, rock, drum circles, and piano, guests can expect to hear a wide variety of musical genres. Many venues will also feature additional attractions such as wine and food tastings. Mystery Walk | June-August Every second Friday of the month, the Mystery Walk is a festival that combines culture and different atform mediums to bring Downtown Fort Myers River District community together in an educational experience! Elements of performance, street, digital, community interactive and visual arts and music all form as one to create Mystery Walk. The mystery is that guests will never know what to expect! JUN- AUG

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