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‘Tis the season for delicious, hearty food, and nothing quite hits the spot on a cool winter evening like hot soup. Everyone has their favorites, whether it’s a classic bowl of chicken noodle or a Tuscan white bean and garlic soup, so why not share the love at a soup swap? Similar to white elephant gift exchanges, guests arrive at a soup swap with a several helpings of their favorite soup and leave with something entirely new! Here’s how you can host your own. Step 1: Send out the invites. The more the merrier. Invite all your soup-loving friends. Instruct everyone to prepare at least 4 quarts of soup. If you invite six guests, make sure everyone brings their soup in six separate containers. Everyone should go home with the same amount of soup they brought. The soup that guests will give away should be frozen, but remind guests to also bring a separate warm serving of soup for tasting. Step 2: Prepare the tasting stations. Soup can get a bit messy, so lay down a simple tablecloth on your table for easy cleanup later. Prepare a handful of blank labels — you can use chalkboard paint, scrapbook paper, or really anything fun — for guests to fill out and place on their soup when they arrive. You’ll want to provide plenty of spoons and maybe some bread, crackers, or other snacks. Step 3: Get to swapping! As guests arrive, give them the opportunity to socialize. This is a fun event, so while everyone is sampling the soup, play some music, offer drinks, and let them chat it up. After an hour or so, it’s time to get down to business. Soupswap.com recommends having guests draw numbers for tasting order. Try each creation one at a time until you’re out of soup! You don’t have to follow this structure, of course. Find a method that works best for you and your guests. Bonus: Use Mason jars. Readily available in bulk at most grocery stores, Mason jars are leakproof and easier to transport than plastic storage containers. Plus, they’re inexpensive and fairly easy to replace. No one likes hounding their friends for precious glass containers weeks after a party. Soup swaps are guaranteed fun all year long. Looking for more advice to help throw the perfect soup swap? The Kitchn, a popular food blog, has everything you need to know at thekitchn.com/ january-soup-swap-gatherings-from-the-kitchn-214906. HOW TO HOST A SOUP SWAP

How He Got Started: “I decided to join the New Year’s Revolution Challenge because I knew I needed a change and wanted to get healthier. My family really motivated me to try FBBC.” Biggest Challenge: “My biggest challenge was motivation. Being a member of a ‘regular’ gym just wasn’t working for me. I wasn’t motivated to go; and when I did, I didn’t get a fraction of the amount of work I get at FBBC. I could go spend an hour and a half at my old gym and not get anywhere close to what I get in 45 minutes at FBBC.” Experience: “It has been phenomenal! I was nervous starting out because I thought I was too out of shape and going to get embarrassed working out with all these insanely fit people. However, I was totally wrong. Each class member and coach is extremely supportive, and you are able to modify the moves to your ability level. The more classes I went to, the more I loved it and the more energy it gave me.” Results: Grey has lost 121 pounds and 13 inches off his waist since January! What Would You Recommend: “I tell everyone who asks, ‘What have you been doing?’ about FBBC. I tell them it has truly been life changing. The exercise and nutritional support creates the best atmosphere for you to be able to achieve your goals. So far, I have lost 121 pounds since January and have lost 13 inches off my waist. I have tons more energy now. I just love the feeling I have walking out of each and every session. I sleep better than I probably have in a decade. Every aspect of how I feel has improved since joining FBBC. I just wish I had found FBBC years ago!” Grey Bedsole Has Found Success at FBBC

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