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April 2020

Brighten Your Month With Laughter Enjoy April Fool’s Day This Year

I’ve always been someone who’s enjoyed humor, and April Fool’s Day is nothing but humor. I find the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine,” to be very true. After a long day at work, I gravitate toward comedy shows and movies during my downtime, especially with the family. This genre has always lightened me up, even if I’m not feeling particularly great that day. As a family, we have always enjoyed participating in the traditional pranks of April Fool’s Day. In our house, the holiday usually involved my wife trying to fool the kids when they were younger. Most of the time, my wife would try to convince the kids that the weather was too bad and that school was canceled. She was really good at it, and I would generally play along with her jokes until I couldn’t stand the torture of them being so excited at the prospect of no school. I’d usually be the first to relent and tell them that school was still scheduled for that day. But no matter what joke or prank we pulled, they were always in good humor, if a bit focused on the gullibility of the kids. Now that they’re older, they’re definitely not as trusting, and my wife doesn’t see them as good enough “targets” anymore: They’ve grown wise over the years. Nowadays, we don’t usually do too much for April Fool’s, though we’ll always try to do a small prank or two should the opportunity arise. The one thing I found interesting about April Fool’s Day is that no one really knows when or why the holiday and its prankster traditions started! One of the more popular theories states that the holiday began in 16th century France with Pope Gregory XIII. It’s speculated that Pope Gregory issued a Papal

Gregory issued the Papal Bull, which didn’t actually lead to a sudden change in France. More accurately, the Gregorian calendar was gradually introduced and accepted throughout Europe. Lastly, spring wasn’t typically celebrated on the first of April but on Easter Sunday. Yet, despite its unclear roots, April Fool’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year that pranksters around the world look forward to. I think April Fool’s Day is a great day to tell some good-humored jokes, get out a few laughs, and brighten things up, one smile at a time. I hope your April, starting from the first, is filled with humor and fun.

bull that created a new calendar system for all of Europe. Today, we know this new system as the Gregorian calendar, which moved the celebration of the new year from late March or early April to the first of January. This change wasn’t picked up right away. As the theory states, many people refused to follow this new system, choosing instead to continue celebrating the beginning of the new year whenever spring came around. The people who were slow to pick up on the new calendar were soon called “April fools.” Whenever the spring season came around, those following the Gregorian calendar singled out the slow adapters through jokes and pranks. However, while this is one of the favorite origin stories of April Fool’s Day, it has a few historical problems. For one, many people throughout France were already following the Gregorian calendar long before Pope

-David McLaughlin

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