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Valentine’s Day for My Daughters How My Wife Made Valentine’s Day Memorable www.LeRoyPetersonLaw.com

February 2020

Being a father of two amazing daughters means that Valentine’s Day is a big deal to me. Initially, I didn’t realize how big the holiday was. As a boy who grew up with brothers, it wasn’t something I appreciated. But when you’re raising little girls, it becomes imperative that their father recognizes them on Valentine’s Day. My wife, Amy, always made sure all holidays and special days were celebrated. Every single Valentine’s Day she would come up with fun ways to decorate the house and create special memories for the girls. For them, it was huge, and my wife made sure I didn’t drop the ball on the big day. The girls would wake up to their bathroom mirrors decorated and streamers everywhere in the house. They would come to breakfast and enjoy a whole heart-filled extravaganza. The meal consisted of red heart-shaped pancakes topped with strawberries

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As they got older, we didn’t stress over the craft projects as much. Eventually, the girls developed the crafty knack themselves and made their own mailboxes, and as they grew out of the mailboxes, we kept the celebrations alive with breakfast and dinner. We wanted to make sure our girls had the opportunity to revisit all those fond memories over the years. From watching me glue my hands together helping build the mailboxes to waking up to the Valentine decorations my wife had made, I’d say we have quite a few memories!

and whipped cream. After the kids got home from school, we would finish off the evening with flowers for the girls and a nice dinner.

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, the whole family was tasked with tackling the dreaded Valentine’s Day mailboxes for the kid’s classrooms. For class, the girls had to make a mailbox for their friends to drop Valentine’s Day cards in. It was stressful because my wife and I lack the talent for crafting. As we corresponded with other parents, we felt the pressure to make the best mailboxes possible. The last thing you wanted was to embarrass your kids with a mailbox that looked patched together. But with my wife at the helm, we all banded together to make some pretty unique and interesting mailboxes! “The girls would wake up to their bathroom mirrors decorated and streamers everywhere in the house.

Even today, for Valentine’s Day, if our daughters venture over, you can bet they’re getting some red heart-shaped pancakes. My wife uses these moments to reinforce the uniqueness of our traditions and the bond of our family. In the last 25 years, this day has fallen squarely on Amy, not me. She showed me the importance of this day and the impact it would have on our girls. It’s for these reasons and so many more that I’m so grateful for the life and family Amy has built for us.

They would come to breakfast and enjoy a whole heart-filled extravaganza.”

-LeRoy Peterson

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