Brackenhurst Employer Fair Guide

Making the most of the Fair Below are some helpful tips on how to make the most of the Brackenhurst Employers Fair.

Before the Fair

 Review the list of organisations featured in this brochure, click on their logo (which will take you to their website)  Note which organisations you wish to visit & bring this with you on the day.

Check the organisation entries in this guide

 Review the employers list and make a plan. If a stand is busy, move on and come back.  Use the notes sections to write details about the organisations, individuals and your conversations.

Walk confidently and smile

Carry yourself with confidence.

 Be the first to extend your hand, which shows eagerness to interact.  Remember eye contact and body language are important, so try to avoid any negative body language, such as folding your arms.

Listen carefully and show interest

 Ask open-ended questions (using terms like how, what, why, where, when...).  Show genuine interest and get their opinion on any issues you may encounter during the application process.  Don’t spend too much time with one organisation.  If appropriate, suggest a follow-up activity such as LinkedIn, email or a phone call and move on.  Remember to thank them and say goodbye before leaving.

Keep realistic expectations

 You are here to impress, make connections and gather useful information to support your immediate or future applications.  NTU’s Employability Team are here to support you – come and say hello and find out how we can help you over the next few months and three years after you graduate .

Employability Team - Brackenhurst

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