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Each year, it’s suggested that you go in for an annual oral examination to ensure your teeth and mouth are healthy. Your dentist will check your teeth and gums and search for cavities, plaque, and signs of infection. But did you know you should also have an oral examination for your four-legged family members? Pet oral health is so important for our animals because when there are bacteria in their mouth, it can affect their organs, kidneys, lungs, liver, and heart. This is why we will check your pet’s teeth when they come in for their annual checkup. According to the American Veterinary Dental Society, more than 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have dental diseases by the age of 3. If these diseases go untreated, it can lead to the deterioration of tissues around their teeth.

The tooth may look okay from the outside, but an X-ray allows us to see other issues with the teeth such as abscesses. After the X-rays, we will scale the teeth and remove

any plaque or tartar above and below the gumline. Underneath the gumline is where most significant diseases live; this is why it’s crucial that we clean those areas. Once we scale the teeth, we will conduct a fluoride rinse, and once your pet wakes up, they can go home with you. The best part about this is that your pet can come in for their appointment and go home the same day.

Some customers have asked me why can’t they scale their pet’s teeth at home and purchase a human dental scaler. The problem with this is that you can’t see the tartar below the gumline, and you may leave scratches on their teeth. Also, conducting this procedure at home can cause more harm because bacteria can get into your pet’s throat and the lungs. We have the equipment and preventive measures to ensure that this doesn’t happen. But there are some ways you can help keep your pet’s teeth healthy! If you purchase a toothbrush and pet-friendly toothpaste, I recommend brushing your pet’s teeth at least once a day. You can also buy products for their food and water to ensure their teeth stay healthy. If you buy treats for your pets, there is a VOHC label on the preventive treats. This label tells you that the treats have been proven to work by the Veterinary Oral Health Council. If you have any questions or concerns about your furry family member’s oral health, please call us today. We can provide tips on how to properly clean your pet’s teeth, but if you’d rather have your pet be seen by us, we can also help you book an appointment.

Signs that your cat or dog has a dental disease include brown or yellow buildup around their teeth, swollen gums, bad breath, or bleeding from their gums. Some other symptoms to look out for are if your pet is drooling more than usual, changing their eating habits, losing teeth, pawing at their face frequently, or acting sad or depressed. Because of how vital pet oral health is, we conduct teeth cleanings here at Petersen Pet Hospital. Some pet owners may not know what to expect when they bring their furry friends in for a cleaning, so let’s go through that process. First, you must schedule an appointment in advance for your pet’s teeth cleaning. Before we take your four-legged friend back for their examination, we will conduct a pre-teeth cleaning meeting with you first and walk you through our procedure so you’re aware of what will take place. Before we begin our cleaning, we will do a pre-anesthesia exam. This entails blood work to ensure the liver and kidneys are okay. Then, we’ll perform an electrocardiogram (EKG), which is a screening to look at the heart. These steps will help ensure that your pet is safe to go under anesthesia.

Feel free to visit and use our Pet Health Checker to decide if your pet’s symptoms require immediate attention. –Dr. Emily Saunders

Once your pet is under anesthesia, we will do another oral examination, check their mouth for cavities, and conduct X-rays to ensure no diseases are present.


Indigestion in the Extreme

Sweet little Adelaide, an adorable 11-year-old Shih Tzu, had a lapse in judgment when she decided to pull a younger dog’s stunt. In March, she was presented to Dr. Knutson and her team for vomiting, diarrhea, and standing hunched in pain. Unlike her regular self, she recently started pulling stuffing out of blankets and getting into socks. Shih Tzu’s Hosiery Problem Solved

During Adelaide’s physical exam, Dr. Knutson voiced her concerns because she felt a long, firm thickening in her abdomen. Bloodwork was performed and X-rays were taken to further evaluate her condition. Her bloodwork was normal, helping to rule out other causes of her gastrointestinal upset. The X-rays showed a couple questionable areas, but at that time, it could not be determined whether it was simply food or foreign material. Adelaide was given an anti-nausea medication and Grain-Free Cat Treats

Meet Veterinary Assistant Sheldon

Sheldon is a veterinary assistant at Petersen Pet Hospital. She currently resides in Hiawatha. Sheldon has one dog named Maple (American pit bull terrier) that was adopted through Cedar Bend Humane Society in Waterloo.

She has always had a passion for animals and chose to go to school at Kirkwood Community College in the Veterinary Assisting Program. She completed her degree in August 2016. In the summer of 2017, she

received her Fear Free Certification. This certification means that she has been educated in the ways of making the entire process of taking your pet to the veterinary office much less stressful and fearful.

In her free time, she enjoys going shopping, camping with family,

spending time with Maple, and taking a good nap. She also enjoys a good donut!

Inspired by


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fluids with the recommendation to come back in the morning for fasted X-rays to evaluate the movement of the food/material. Adelaide ate a small amount later that evening but vomited it back up in the middle of the night. The next morning, repeat X-rays showed what we suspected. There was still material in the stomach, and her intestines were dilated in several areas, indicating an obstruction. Dr. Knutson and her team took Adelaide into emergency surgery. Dr. Knutson removed a length of pantyhose that extended from her stomach down into her small intestines. The pantyhose was as long as her! Surgery went without a hitch, and Adelaide recovered smoothly from her dietary indiscretion. Adelaide has since had another birthday and continues to do well.

3 Most Beautiful Restaurants in America

Where the View Is Part of the Menu … When you go to a nice restaurant, you’re not just paying for food — you’re also paying for an experience. Decor might be the last thing on a guest’s mind, but with the right design, some restaurants are absolutely breathtaking. Here are a few of our favorites.

Pink Cadillac Diner — Natural Bridge, Virginia

Taking a step into this restaurant feels like stepping straight into the 1950s … in all the best ways possible. The diner’s bold, beautiful shades of bubblegum pink — including a vintage pink Cadillac parked in front — prompt nostalgia and delight. Accompanied with a classic burger and ice cream diner menu, this East Coast gem is a destination you won’t want to miss.

Keep your kitty happy with these tasty protein- packed tuna treats!

Cecconi’s Dumbo — New York City

INGREDIENTS • 2 cans tuna, undrained • 1/2 cup cooked pumpkin • 3 egg yolks •

There are plenty of gorgeous restaurants in the Big Apple, but you’ll always hear Cecconi’s Dumbo mentioned among the best. Located in Brooklyn Bridge Park, your table might have dramatic views of the bridge or a waterfront view of the Manhattan skyline. It’s the best possible pairing with their classic Italian menu, complete with handmade pasta and high-end ingredients from Italy.

3 tbsp sea meal mineral powder

1/2 cup coconut flour

The French Laundry — Yountville, California

DIRECTIONS 1. Heat oven to 350 F. 2. In a bowl or food processor, blend all ingredients until they comprise a fine-grained mash. 3. On a parchment-lined baking sheet, place heaping 1/4 teaspoons of mixture, evenly spaced. Press each treat with a finger to make a small disc. 4. Bake for 12 minutes, until treats are golden brown. 5. With a wide spatula, flip treats, and return to oven for another 3–5 minutes, until the second side browns. 6. Cool thoroughly and store in an air-tight container. Treats should last up to 2 weeks in storage or longer if they are frozen.

If there’s a contest for the best food and views offered by a restaurant in America, this three-star Michelin restaurant just might place first. Run by Thomas Keller, its rustic, cottage-like setting in Napa Valley always turns heads with its surprisingly sophisticated design (as well as its exclusive tasting menus!). The restaurant’s gardens are beautifully lit and dotted with Japanese maple trees — a sight that will blow you away. Most people can have a good meal at home, so if you have the time and money, why not pay a little extra for a nice view? Go ahead and indulge. We won’t judge — we’ll even be a little jealous!



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Pigs Are Brave and Loyal Pets, Too!





LULU THE PIG IS A HERO! She Saved Her Owner From a Heart Attack

Lulu captured the hearts of the Altsmans when their daughter asked them to pet-sit her overweight pot-bellied pig. The pair quickly fell in love with Lulu, and their bond got stronger each day. This relationship was literally life-saving when the wife suffered a heart attack one August afternoon. Jo Ann Altsman was home alone with Lulu and their dog, Bear, when the incident occurred. Her husband was off on a fishing trip, and the pair didn’t have any neighbors nearby. Bear began to bark to try and get someone’s attention, but Lulu knew she had to do something before it was too late. So, she made her way out of the doggie door, which badly scraped her belly as she exited. Lulu had never left the yard, but today was different. To get some attention, she decided to lie down in the middle of the road

After 45 minutes, a gentleman on a motorcycle pulled over to check on Lulu. She immediately perked up and began walking toward the house, leaving a trail of blood behind her as she walked. The man followed Lulu and found Altsman unconscious on the ground. He quickly dialed 911 and asked for assistance. When the medics put her owner in the ambulance, Lulu attempted to get in with them. Of course, she couldn’t come, so she began to squeal as she watched the medics take her mom away. Thankfully, Lulu’s wounds were attended to, and Altsman received life-saving open-heart surgery at the Beaver Medical Center.

Because of her loyalty and creative thinking, this pot-bellied pig became a celebrity overnight! She was a guest on “The

and play dead until a car stopped to check on her. After several minutes of lying on the street, several cars passed by but didn’t stop. So, she checked on her owner, then squeezed through the doggie door and lay down on the road again.

Oprah Winfrey Show” and the “Late Show With David Letterman.” Everyone fell in love with Lulu and her heroism.

Thank you, Lulu, for being a loyal and brave pet!

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